• Who can help me find a video downloadhelper for Chrome?


    Who can help me find a video downloadhelper for Chrome?

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    It is so fast to download YouTube videos with Firefox video downloadhelper. But my Firefox browser crashes from time to time. I have no idea and change to use the Google chrome. The trouble is, I can’t find a chrome extension that can download online videos. Chrome users, which downloader do you use? Is there any downloadhelper for chrome?

    Who can help me find a video downloadhelper for Chrome?

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    Video downloadhelper is a very famous Firefox addon, it helps thousands of video fans with video downloading tasks. The tool has the power to auto-detect the downloadable videos, and then you can select a suitable output quality. It’s quite convenient to use. Yet,the problem is that the Firefox really works slowly compared to Google chrome, IE, Opera and others. As you said, it crashes at times and you have to reboot the browser. Perhaps those troubles lead people to look for video downloadhelper for Chrome.

    While, the new users of Chrome will soon discover that the browser has less options on addons. When entering the chrome web store and searching for video downloader, only a few results come out. Some people regard FVD video downloader as downloadhelper for Chrome, using it to download video from Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, BlipTV successfully. But, downloading from YouTube is an impossible mission to this extension. Therefore, a better downloadhelper Chrome extension is needed.

    After doing some tests, I find Video Grabber is a good alternative to downloadhelper. It is the video downloader which based on browser, and it can work well on Chrome. Just open the site videograbber.net, paste video URL to assigned location, then the video will be downloaded off Internet. Better than FVD video downloader, Video Grabber supports to download YouTube videos. And you have the chance to select suitable output quality and format like MP4, FLV and 3GP.

    The online app can help you with more jobs. If you want to download Live stream, the screen recording feature will give you a hand. Video conversions and audio downloads also can be completed. Actually, Video Grabber has less limitation than Firefox addon, it deserves to be called video downloadhelper for Google Chrome.

    Tips: Video Grabber is highly compatible with any popular browsers and operating systems. The only requirement is to enable the Java applet, and your video downloads will process easily. It is safe and you are free to try.

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