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    Who can help me to download video from howstuffworks?

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    There’s a video library on howstuffworks.com, I want to download some videos there. I’ve tried some tools but no one worked. Any one can give me some tips? :?:


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    Howstuffworks is a creative site which combines education and entertainment together. It explains how things work with articles, photos, videos and diagrams, difficult concepts become super easy to understand in this way. The videos on howstuffworks only can be shared to social networking sites and blogs. I guess you have experienced a hard time in finding a way to download howstuffworks videos. All right, the thing is not that tough as you imagined, howstuffworks videos can be easily saved to your pc with video grabber pro.

    Run video grabber pro first, the video recorder is enabled by default. In this condition, the program will detect video streams automatically. Now, you can go to howstuffworks.com and enter the section for videos. Open the video which you want to download, in one second, video grabber pro will begin to download it. The video downloader has some additional functions, for example, you are allowed to preview downloaded videos with inlaid player.

    Tips: I found howstuffworks supports viewers to watch videos in several qualities, you can choose any one according to your network speed. If you want to download howstuffworks video in high definition format, don’t forget to select HD when watching it.

    If you want to put howstuffworks videos on your portable players or smart mobiles, you should convert video format first. Video grabber pro is an all-in-one program which also has convert and edit features, you can use it to convert videos between a variety of formats.



    Thanks. It works like a magic.
    I can enjoy howstuffworks videos offline easily.
    The video quality satified me a lot.



    What a bizarre way to answer the OP’s question. Doesn’t matter, didn’t work anyway, just bottlenecked my connection and I had to resort to a screencapture. Thanks.


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    Okay, hope it can work finally. :D

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