• Why can’t I import video into photoshop?


    Why can’t I import video into photoshop?

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    I’m trying to edit a YouTube video that I’ve downloaded with videograbber. But I can’t import this MP4 video file into Photoshop? Why? What’s the right way to import the video to PS?

    Why can’t I import video into photoshop?


    Photoshop doesn’t support MP4 video format, what you need is a video converter. Search in Google, you can find all kinds of converters. :geek:

    Why can’t I import video into photoshop?

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    Jacob has given the right answer. I’m here to explain it to you clear.

    You should know that photoshop doesn’t allow you to import videos in MP4 format. If you want to edit videos with photoshop, the video must be MOV, AVI, MPG or MPEG formats. That’s the reason why you can’t import video into photoshop. In this case, you can convert downloaded videos to formats which fit for PS. Since you have already known and used our videograbber, I suggest you use videograbber pro to help with converting tasks.

    Videograbber pro is an all-in-one program which features video download, convert and record screen functions. You can use it to convert MP4 video file to AVI format with following steps.

    1. Run the program, click Convert button to activate the built-in converter.
    2. Import videos into it by hitting Add button.
    3. Choose output folder, and target format as to AVI. Begin to conversion.

    When the conversion process finishes, you can import video to photoshop with ease. Click File—Import–New video layer. Then, the video will be imported into photoshop. After several settings, you can edit videos with photoshop.

    As far as I know, photoshop is a good tool to edit pictures, but it only allows you to do limited video edits and the operations are a little difficult. If you just need to make basic edits on videos, videograbber pro can give you a hand. The edit function can be found in convert working area. Hitting Video Edit button, the video editor will show up. Generally speaking, you can use it to crop, trim, merge and add subtitles to videos. The operations are quite simple and understandable.

    To Windows users, Windows live movie maker is another good tool to edit videos.

    Why can’t I import video into photoshop?


    Oh I see, I convert the file and import it into PS successfully.
    Thanks for you recommendation, olivia.

    Why can’t I import video into photoshop?


    Actually, Photoshop does take MP4 format videos. A much faster and safer option for your computer is to go to File>Import>Video Frames To Layers and then type a “*” (Shift+8)
    Then, you can open the video normally. It works, I promise!

      • Nivine : THANK YOU Sammy! :D finally I found something that works well! but I did not understand, the “*” (Shift+8) is what for? Nothing has changed when I press it.
      • 2016-12-19 11:16 Reply
      • aravinda : Thank you it works
      • 2016-12-31 20:57 Reply
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