• Why should i use QuickTime player


    Why should i use QuickTime player

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    Hi, my friend, I happened to find a video that interests me a lot, but when I click on Play, it says that QuickTime player required. I have Real Player, VLC media player already. I just feel that there would be too many players on my PC. I wondered why there are so many videos only use QuickTime to play them. Is there really just one player that could handle all the videos?

    Why should i use QuickTime player


    QuickTime features its high compatibility. It could play video from your digital camera or your mobile phone, whether on Mac or on PC with all possible formats. With a simple design, this video will always make you feel comfortable to play the video in a no – disturb way. Moreover, QuickTime player distinguishes itself from others by its advanced video compression technology which could deliver videos using less bandwidth and storage. These are the advantages of QuickTime that contributes to its popularity.

    Why should i use QuickTime player


    I am a long-time QuickTime user. It, to be frank, is a very good player that has brought me great convenience. But there is one problem that puzzles me a lot in the process of use. There is a movie in QuickTime player which I want to import to iMovie. But it didn’t work. I have learned that iMovie supports QuickTime videos, but I don’t know why it didn’t work to me.

    Why should i use QuickTime player

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    One thing you should notice is that iMovie supports QuickTime video but it only supports QuickTime video in MOV format. So, first and foremost, you should find an application to Convert QuickTime movie to iMovie format. I have a recommendable application for you, video grabber. It is free online application that could download videos and convert videos into various formats, MOV included. Based on its practicality, it is good QuickTime to iMovie converter worth your trying.

    The following are the steps.

    First, Enter Video Grabber website, and click on Convert Video File.

    Second, Click on Browse to find the QuickTime video you want to convert on your computer. Run Java Applet before you import the video.

    Third, Choose MOV format, customize your settings, and click on Convert.

    It is my suggestible method for you to convert QuickTime to iMovie, if you prefer, you can try it, and it could handle your issues well.

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