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    Why won’t my downloaded video work for windows movie maker?

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    I downloaded several videos from youtube with video grabber, but I need to do some basic editing for my collection, so I add videos into movie maker 2.6. Heck, the soft shows up with a prompt dialog saying it does not recognize the file. What’s not going well? And how can I fix this problem?Geez man please help.



    yes, movie maker only supports avi or wmv, maybe your video formats are improper.


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    Until that’s resolved, first you have to make sure the video format is AVI or WMV, you know, the downloaded YouTube video is in mp4 or flv format, but windows movie maker only supports avi or wmv. Given this, if you wanna import video into movie maker, you should convert youtube video to AVI or WMV with an video converter.

    Then I suggest you use video grabber pro, which allows formats conversion. After installation, tab “convert” button, then add your downloaded videos for converting. If possible, you may also convert multiple video files at a time, afterwards, just choose your designated format avi or wmv as output format. Be at ease, your video quality won’t get distorted during formats transformation. Finally, you may import video into windows movie maker2.6.

    Actually you are able to do all stuff by following my guides above, but another caveat: you may upgrade from windows movie maker to windows live movie maker. Have no idea why need to do this? That’s because the latter version had a few more features and being complete. Best of all, windows live movie maker support various video formats including avi, mov, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpeg etc. When you download hd youtube videos with video grabber, the output format will be saved as mp4. At this time, you can directly edit the video in live movie maker, no conversion any more. Free download here

    Good luck for you.



    The site will download your video in .MP4 format so you can play it directly with windows media player or any other media player of course.

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