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    Wonderful site to create and watch video– animoto.com

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    To be frank, I’m not good at making a video. The lucky thing is that I discovered animoto a few days ago. It helped me to convert pictures, video clips and music to beautiful videos. And I can enjoy the videos made by other users, that’s interesting. :lol:




    Thanks. I just made a video with animoto, it’s brilliant.



    It really helps. I registered on animoto and created a video on it. I like that video. Only one problem, I can watch the video online after creating it. Then, how can I download animoto video and save it to PC?


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    Walter, thanks for your recommendation, you have brought us a nice resource. I don’t know this site before. After reading your post, I paid a visit to animoto. As you said, it provides free service to create videos. The output videos are amazing, the effects are so splendid.

    In the replies, I see Fenton has a problem in downloading animoto video. This is also a question which asked by animoto users frequently. All right, don’t worry, I have got the solution. I opened a sample video on the site and tried to download it with several tools. After making some tests, I find that videograbber pro is able to download animoto video easily. The specific steps are as follows.

    Step 1: Download and install videograbber pro.
    Step 2: Run this video downloader, customize an output folder in Options.
    Step 3: Open the video which you want to download on animoto. Once the video loaded, videograbber pro will auto-detect the video and download it off.

    Here is a demo, it shows you how to download videos from animoto in detail.

    Videograbber pro is an all-in-one tool, it features converting function. In this case, you can convert online video and local video files to any popular video formats. After that, you can watch animoto videos on portable devices like iPhone 5, the new iPad and Android phones. Even much better, you can do simple edits with video editing function.

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