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    Wont download

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    So I downloaded videos last week from this site, but now after I enter a Youtube video URL into the grab bar and try it, it is stuck at 10%Loading Java applet and connecting to the URL… and I already emptied both java and firefox caches



    Hello, xJLucas.
    I made a test just now, video grabber worked well on my computer. I suggest you to clear the cache again and restart your browser. Or, you can try another browser and see if video grabber could operate smoothly.



    Worked fine for the first video but now it gets stuck at loading java applet… 10%
    I use Mozilla Firefox on win 7 and I’ve tried clearing the cache, but get the same problem



    Try Google Chrome to download the video again.
    Firefox sometimes suck!


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    Yes, somehow i can’t download now when i could 10days ago. i keep getting the message “download link not found” when i paste the download link correctly. Wonder what happened?

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