• Younow – a new live video viewing website


    Younow – a new live video viewing website

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    Hello, my friends, I feel so glad to share with you my recently found live-steaming video website – younow. You can enjoy the funny live videos and meet new friends. Join us, and there will be lots of surprise waiting for you.

    Younow – a new live video viewing website


    I have come across this website, too. I often view the live videos here, chat with the friends and create new videos here to earn the coins. But one thing that puzzles me a lot is that I cannot download the videos for watching offline. I have tried “Real Player”, but it says “I am not allowed to”. Is there any good advice?

    Younow – a new live video viewing website

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    Thanking for your sharing this amazing website and discussing your problems with us.

    Younow is a newly launched live video website by merging BlogTv. It provides us with a platform to view the live-streaming videos, meet with new friends and grow our social circle. It is addictive website with game dynamics (levels, coins and prizes) that will invite our participation and encourage us to become a part of this website.

    Since it is a live video website, there is no URL for us to copy and paste to download Younow video with a normal downloading application. As for the past broadcasts, it is also hard for the normal downloaders to recognize their URL. It is a really embarrassing situation when you feel at a loss to grab the videos you like. As far as I know, the following ways may guide you out of your puzzlement.

    Download Live Videos by Screen Recording

    Screen Recorder is application which enables you to capture any video as long as you can play it. So you could download videos from Younow with this program. Video grabber is a downloader that carries this function. It is a free online downloading application that is easy to use. Enter the Video Grabber homepage, click the Screen Recorder button and define your recording area. It could record any minute of the video you played. Moreover, you could set a time range to grab the most thrilling images.

    Download past broadcast with Video Download Capture

    When it comes to downloading past broadcast, there is one downloader you could try. It is Video Download Capture. Compared to video grabber, it is a more powerful Younow video downloader. It could download videos from many video viewing websites including live video stream sites such as Younow. You could use it not only to capture the live videos in Younow by recording screen, but also download the past broadcast videos inaccessible to lots of normal downloaders. Run this Video Download Capture and play your desired video, and it is able to detect the past broadcast videos you are watching and downloading them automatically. It supports the video downloading in bulk and the video you grab is of high quality.

    It is two methods I have tried on how to download from Younow. You could give them a try respectively based on your own situation. Hope it could help you.

    Younow – a new live video viewing website


    Well it kind of worked… I may have done something wrong.
    The last thing is the most comfortable option, but the video didn’t play the audio worked though.

    Younow – a new live video viewing website


    Is it still possible to download videos from younow?
    Cause it won’t work for me! :(

      • Alice : Hello, Video Download Capture can detect videos automatically as long as you play the video. But this method is just for downloading videos that has been broadcasted on Younow.
      • 2014-12-11 07:18 Reply
    Younow – a new live video viewing website


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