• YTD downloader alternative


    YTD downloader alternative

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    Hello, can you tell me how I can get a better alternative to YTD downloader. I used it before, but now I am bummed for it does not work for me.

    YTD downloader alternative


    Hey, I also got stuck how to use YTD downloader, which was perfect for me. But now I tried it, causing some errors for me. How should I solve this?

    YTD downloader alternative

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    Welcome to video grabber forum,

    I tested YTD downloader and found that it can work on my windows PC. This freeware presents URL download bar. As long as you paste the link, it will give you the ability to download videos. I can see my download process in the Activity. But, the final video will be saved as .flv format, which is not the right one for my mobile devices, such as iPhone 5, the new iPad3,iPod Touch, etc. YTD downloader is just working for me. Perhaps both of you have not setup your computer well. Why not remove the application from PC and reinstall it.

    But in general, it does have some limitations on YouTube video download and conversion. For instance, you have to get its pro version to automatically convert flv to mp4, wmv, mp3 and many more. And the slow download speed will get user irritated. So, if you want to find the easiest and best YTD Downloader, what I would recommend is Video Grabber.

    Compare with YTD downloader, the biggest advantage is that you do not have to install any programs. This web-based service requires no installations or any money. After navigating to this site, four features will be available for use, which are online video downloader, advanced music search engine, mp3 downloader and video converter. Just give it a whirl for yourself.

    YTD downloader alternative


    You can also use,
    Youtube Downloader HD

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