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    Hi, I just got Nexus 10 and found that it can’t stream flash videos on it. Does anyone know how to play flash on nexus? Please note that I am not a tech-savvy, more detailed advice would be appreciated, many thanks. :D

    My friend, that’s exactly right, Nexus lacks support of playing flash files. Generally speaking, the best bet is to install flash player, but Adobe officially doesn’t certify any device that runs on android Jelly Bean (4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4), and the nexus 10 runs Android 4.4. In this way, if you own a Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and any other devices relying on Android Jelly Bean, you should add flash support to Nexus operating system. There, just follow my guide to finish the job.

    Step one: Download and install Flash player for Nexus

    Instead of downloading flash player off Google play store, you have to acquire the flash APK by yourself. It’s suggested to download the file from XDA Developers thread. Bear in mind that you need to allow unknown sources by checking Settings and Security on your Nexus 10. Now, you can start installing flash APK.

    Step two: Install Firefox Beta

    Downloading Nexus flash player alone is not enough, another major emphasis is to use a compatible browser. It proves that many browsers are not applicable to Nexus 10, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Firefox Beta supports flash on the Nexus, simply download it from Google play.

    More tips to play flash video on Nexus

    With steps above, you can succeed streaming flash videos directly on your Nexus. But you might feel a bit tricky to acquire flash support to Nexus. On the one hand, a slow network can adversely impact smooth video playback, on the other hand, although flash video format can be posted on website or your personal blog, it’s not that important and popular now. If you don’t want to stick to flash player, a good way to play flash video on Nexus is to download and convert flash video to the right format for Nexus 10. We know, WMV, MPEG4, H.264, H.263 and DivX are fully compatible with Nexus 10. It would be a nice experience to convert flash to Nexus devices for smooth playback. You will be introduced a brilliant flash video downloader and converter. Here’s how-to guide:

    • Download and install Video Download Capture
    • Video Download Capture is being popular with users due to the fact that it can be both served as Video Downloader and converter.

      To play flash video stream on nexus with this app, then the thing that you need to do includes:

    • Download flash video onto your Windows or Mac
    • The download process is simple, all you need to do is to paste the URL of flash video into the address bar and click on the “Add to Download” button, the video will be auto-captured and added into download queue. Even you can add batch urls during one session.

    • Import flash files into this program
    • Hit “Convert” tab on the main interface, and then go to “Add” button to select the flash files you want to convert. Hit the “Profile” icon to specify the suitable format for your Nexus 10. Then customize your destination folder and press “Start” to process the conversion task.

    • Convert flash to Nexus

    To transfer flash files to Nexus, connect the device to your PC via cable. Now you may enjoy videos on this high resolution Android tablet, anytime and anywhere.


    Hello editor,

    Thanks for giving detailed information about how to add flash support to Nexus 10. But I downloaded Firefox, which directs me that it’s not the compatible browser. And the other problem is to use Video Download Capture, I have a few flv clips that need to be combined, how can I make this done with Video Download Capture?

    Hi Loperz,

    I have just mentioned that you need to download Firefox Beta, but not Firefox, you should download it from Google play store, the given link will direct you to that page. Regarding to the merging problem, it’s as easy as you can: after launching the program, click “Convert” to add videos one by one, and then choose your preferred video format like mp4, wmv, 3gp, mov, etc. And then select “Merge videos into one file”. The last step is to start merging by pressing “Convert” tab. You may give it a shot.



    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for your detailed information, now I can add flash support on Nexus 10. But another question for me, I just found that my Mac disables flash, I don’t know what went wrong. Is there any solution to play flash on Mac Mavericks again? Thank you :)

    Exactly right, it was announced that Apple has disabled Adobe flash version 11.8.800.94 due to security concerns a few months ago. In this way, the older version of Flash has outdated on Mac OS X, like Mountain Lion and Mavericks. If you failed to play flash on Mac, the very first thing is to check which version you’re applying. Please remember that the recent supported version is Flash 11.8.800.168. You can upgrade to the latest version by tapping “System Preferences”, clicking the Flash Preference Pane, and then hitting on the “Advanced” tab. Alternatively, you can download flash player from the adobe official site.



    I use Nexus 7, may I ask whether it can install adobe flash played with methods above? I am just figuring it out, but none works, no sure what the problem was. :D

    Hello Nico,

    This can be helpful in installing adobe flash player in your Nexus 7, you may configure your settings with the previous steps.

    Here is How to get a Flash player work on your device running Android 4.4.2, 4.4.3, or 4.4.4 KitKat system:

    Step 1. Download Flash Player 11.1 APK file

    Download Flash Player 11.1 APK file and launch it with a file explorer app (e.g. ES File Explorer)

    Step 2. Install Flash Player 11.1 APK File

    Step 3. Download and launch Dolphin Browser which can be deemed as the best browser that supports Flash Player.

    Step 4. Go to the “Settings” option in Dolphin Browser, and make sure that the status for “Flash player” is “Always on.”

    Step 5. Visit those Flash-enabled websites to start enjoying Flash videos.

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