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    I’m always curious about the things that we feel hard to explain. Yes, I’m very interested in UFO. Mainstream media reported a few of news about it for many reasons. So I attempted to find more information on the Internet and visit accidentally. I love this site, there are lots of UFO news, videos, photos, documents and discussions. Not only limited to UFO, many unsolved mysteries are being discussed on the site. It’s so fresh and I hope more people could join

    Here is the address:

    Thanks for sharing this cool website. I find it is a great place and add it to bookmark. Strange things happened now and then, even scientists cannot tell the actual answer to some questions. But I see members talk about the mysteries actively, although it’s very difficult to get the right answer, I think it’s the way which lead to truth. Haha, it’s wonderful.



    Dear moderator. I feel glad that you like the site. Can I ask a question? How to download video from Once, my favorite video has been deleted, it’s so pitiful. So I want to save videos and keep them. Please help me.

    A good news for you, you can download disclose tv with video grabber pro speedily.

    It’s a desktop application so you need to install it first. Then, open up it, do some settings before downloading video. Make sure the video detector is enabled, the blue icon will rotate in this case. It is suggested to customize the destination folder for downloaded and converted videos. All right, we can navigate to now. Watch you liked video as usual, video grabber pro will begin to download video from instantly. You can select the video in the download queue and view it with inbuilt media player. Clicking Open button, you can find the downloaded disclose video.

    The videos are mp4 file, it is very convenient for you to play them with players and gadgets. But if you have a desire to transform the video to other format, the convert function will do you a favor. Video grabber pro allows you to convert videos to avi, flv, mov, html5, dvd, mp3 and many more media types.

    Don’t miss your favorite videos, save them to your computer now.

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