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    I have a video with MKV format, and I want to channel it to VirtualDub to add subtitles. But the problem is that VirtualDub only supports the video in AVI format. Could you suggest me the easiest way to convert videos to AVI ?

    To convert video file to AVI format, a video converter could give you a hand.The following applications are the ones that could satisfy your needs: Freemake Video Converter, Video Grabber, and Online AVI Video Converter. On account of my familiarity with Video Grabber, next I would like to explain how to convert video file to AVI with it.

    1, Enter Video Grabber homepage and click on Convert Video File.

    2, Run Java Applet after you clicked on Browse.

    3, After you have chosen your targeted video, there will be lots of output formats for you to choose.

    4, Select AVI, click on Convert and save it in your default folder. Your work could be finished in a couple of seconds.

    Video Grabber is an online application that enables you to convert video file to AVI free. There is teaching guidance there that will guide you to do your job step by step, so it is a very easy task to learn how to operate it. Free you of the worry for the video quality, it is application that is worth your attempt.


    Thank you for your answers, but there is another question I’d like to ask. I know this must have been discussed by lots of people, but I still couldn’t find the answer. I have seen lots of videos in AVI format; while I also received many questions why not use AVI. I want to know what the advantage of AVI is and what practical problems it will cause.

    p.s. If I don’t use AVI, is there any other application available to add subtitle to a video.


    The advantages and disadvantages of AVI

    AVI is a video format that works well with many platforms. It could be opened nearly by every media players, Windows Media Player included. Aside from its compatibility, there are other reasons accountable for its popularity. One is AVI file contains both audio and video data that makes it possible for the synchronization of audio and video playback. The other is that the video with AVI format is always in high quality.

    Meanwhile, the disadvantage of AVI is that it doesn’t encode aspect ratio information in a standardized way. People have to choose the right one manually. Furthermore, AVI does not contain video using any compression technique; the result is that the video files with AVI format are always bulky. Even worse, AVI doesn’t contain variable frame rate material. For this reason, workarounds will increase overhead dramatically. The most intolerable problem is that doesn’t support AVC or any other advanced codec. Therefore, most people like videos in MKV, MP4 formats for they don’t have the above-mentioned problems.

    I think that there is a software that could enable you to add subtitles without changing your video files. It is video download capture. It functions mainly as a downloading application that enables you to convert your videos and add your desirable effects, adding subtitles is one of it. Run Video Download Capture, Click on Convert, and then click on Add to add your targeted video. After all this was done. Choose Video Edit button, and you will find its Subtitle function. After that, you could choose the font of your subtitles, its size and where would you like your subtitle embedded.

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