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    I stumbled on a fair-sounding song at YouTube site. But it is a music video that I couldn’t save to my mp3 player. Is there a way to strip only audio from YouTube video? I’d really like to know the method. Thanks!


    There are lots of programs that could be used to capture both video and audio or either. You could search the Google for such kind applications, YouTubemp3, Videomp3, video grabber for example. I haven’t used the them so you’d better give them a try one by one and find your most desirable YouTube to mp3 converter yourself.

    As we all know, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website where you could view, share or download the videos. A majority of the videos are posted by individuals. Although the video quality could never be the best, its quantity is staggering. Moreover, it displays a multitude of music, and most of them in the video genre. It appeals to lots of music lovers because we could find lots of splendid music created by unlabeled musicians, and you could be one of the aspiring musicians to upload your own music.

    While lots of the YouTube music lovers want to strip audio from YouTube video due to the fact that they are down on the video content. It is the reason why many YouTube to mp3 converters step in. Once we enter a search keyword – YouTube to mp3 in the Chrome searching engine, there will be a row of available applications aligned for you to choose. However, the problem is that it wouldn’t be hard to find an application which could offer the service to Strip audio from YouTube, but they won’t necessarily satisfy your needs most due to their inherent drawbacks.

    The comparison between two applications

    Here I’d like to introduce two applications I have known. One is Free YouTube to mp3 converter, the other is Video Grabber. While in comparison, they two have a lot in common. For one thing, both of them offer free converting service. The users need not pay their requested service. For the other, either of them necessitates copying and pasting the URL. So the users could convert the videos easily only if they know the YouTube URL. However, one striking difference between them is that Free YouTube to mp3 converter needs installation while Video Grabber is an online application. Downloading an application consumes lots of memory capacity. Besides, there will be latent virus attached to it that may disable your computer system. While an online application will save you of such kind worry. In my opinion, it would a wiser choice to have an online application. Video Grabber, offering the online service, should be taken on board. It enables you to strip audio from video with great easy. Enter the webpage of Video Grabber and click on Video to Mp3, Copy the video URL and paste it in the URL bar. Run Java when you click on Convert. It won’t take you a long time to have your job done.


    Thank you for sharing with us such a good method as how to strip audio from YouTube, but I have another question. Do you know which application could extract the audio of a certain period of the video. To be more specific, I only want audio from 1:00 to 1:20, is it possible to find such kind of converter?

    Hello, my friend, as to your question asked, I am so glad to tell you that Video Grabber is an application that could also satisfy your request. If you have enter the webpage of Video Grabber, you will find that it is a versatile program that enables you to grab online video, convert video to mp3 and record screen. It has an embedded screen recorder which makes it possible for you to record the sounds played on your computer. When you want a certain period of your audio, you could set your recording time range according to your own needs.

    By the way, I would like to introduce you another converter that would be suitable for your work. It is Video Download Capture, though mainly functioning as a downloader, yet it is hardly inferior to other applications when it comes to Strip audio from YouTube video. First, you need to run it to capture the video where you want your audio from. Second, you can use it to trim your video after you set the time range. Third, convert it to audio, there are various formats offered for you to choose, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc. After all the three steps done, You will get your wanted audio.

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