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    One of my friends asked me how to download video from, because when he played the video, it showed the word “No Download Available”. So I tried DownloadHelper, an add-on of firfox, but failed. I don’t know what the matter is, can you help me? If your method works, I’ll give you a good assessment.

    Hello, Chuck, I believe you must be a good friend. And I’d like to give you some tips. As a matter of fact, videos from can be classified into two categories, one is available video, and another is RTMP video. Maybe you’ll wonder what the difference between available video and RTMP video is.

    Now, let me explain to you one by one. The available video means you can download it directly. When you watch this video, the word Download will appear. In return, the RTMP video means you have no access to download this video, as it is protected by RTMP protocol from random downloading, just like hulu and myspace.

    What your friend wants to download is the RTMP video, so he needs a program that is good at downloading RTMP videos. Video Download Capture is exactly the program that supports RTMP with the button of Advanced Video Recorder.

    Besides, the steps to download video from are also quite simple.
    1. Download and launch the program
    2. Click the button Advanced Video Recorder and a popup window displays
    3. Copy and paste the video URL and click Go
    4. Once detect the video, it adds to the download list

    Until now, all steps are finished, just wait the downloading. If you want to download several videos together, it’s ok, as it supports download videos in bulk. Moreover, you are free to convert the video format as you like, such as avi, mp4, wma, flv etc.

    Tips: If the program can’t grab the video URL automatically, just restart it and it will work again.


    During the seven days trial, I thought Video Download Capture is a good helper to download videos, so I bought it. At beginning, it works well to download videos from, later, I plan to download several videos from hulu, it’s buffering for a longer time. Would you please tell me what’s wrong with it?

    This is not a big deal and you can settle it down with ease. When you download RTMP videos too many times, the cache is too full to buffering. So the solution is clearing the cache, but how?
    The most direct way is clicking the Advanced Video Recorder tab, when the window pops up, click the icon like this to clear IE cache. At last, restart the program to download your Hulu videos.

    Another indirect way is introduced for users who downloaded the old version of this program, since the old version lacks the icon of Clear IE Cache. You can open your IE browser, choose Internet Options from Tools. Under the General tab, you will see Browsing History, click Delete to clear cache. Or you update your program version so that it’s convenient for you to clear IE cache.

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