Terms of use

Present Terms of Use (further - "Terms of Use" or "TOU") regulates relations on use of services of search direct http-links a WEB-site with the address: https://www.videograbber.net (further - "videograbber.net" or "Service") in a network the Internet (further - "Network") between videograbber.net and the physical person, (further "User"), properly using services of Service videograbber.net of search http-direct links on a content according to present Terms of Use.
Use by the User of services of Service means that the User agrees with the resulted agreement below.

1. A subject of the Terms of Use

videograbber.net offers the User the services of search http-direct links on a content on conditions that are the subject of the present User Agreement (TOU). Terms of Use (including any of its parts) can be changed the holder of service without any special advice. The most actual version of the TOU is always is on page to the address /terms-of-us/.

2. Service Description

Service videograbber.net is intended only for search http-direct links on a content, placed on the pages of WEB-sites indicated by the User. All existing at present functional, and also its any change and/or addition new - is a subject of present TOU. The user understands and agrees that Service are granted "as is" and that videograbber.net does not bear responsibility for any delay and failures. To take advantage of Service, it is necessary to have the computer, access to a network the Internet and the established software for work with the web interface possessed to the address https://www.videograbber.net, On the basis of Terms of Use. Pay attention that on some found http-direct links on the content placed on pages indicated by the User - can be accessible to downloading the content focused only on an adult audience. This TOU orders to the persons who have not reached 18 years, to refrain from access to similar found http-links.

3. Carrying Terms of Use into effect

Terms of Use becomes effective by expression by the User of the consent with their conditions in the form of pressing by the User of button "Download", placed on page to the address https://www.videograbber.net

4. Obligations of the User on use of service videograbber.net

The user is obliged to read and familiarise attentively with conditions of present Terms of Use in full prior to the beginning of use of Service. If the User does not agree with any conditions Agreement, He is obliged to refuse any use of services videograbber.net on search http-direct links.

5. Exemption from guarantee

The user understands and agrees that:

a. Use of Service videograbber.net is carried out on own risk of the User. Service videograbber.net is granted subject to conditions "as is". videograbber.net does not accept any responsibility, including for a material (further - "Content"), accessible to downloading on found http-direct links, placed on the pages of WEB-sites indicated by the User;

b. Any guarantees are not represented to the user, that Service will correspond to expectations of the User; services will be granted continuously, reliably, fast and without errors; results which can be received during use of Service, will be exact and reliable; quality of any service, the information and the other content received with use of Service, will correspond to expectations of the User; all errors in the software of Service will be corrected. The user independently makes the decision on use of Service for satisfaction of the requirements and carries out an independent choice of a content, addresses of its placing, observance of conditions of its order and acquisition, and also use of services of the communication represented by third persons under the responsibility;

c. Any content received with use videograbber.net, the User can use on own fear and risk, responsibility for any damage which can be put to the computer of the User and the data of the User as a result of loading of this content is placed at the User;

d. Use by the User of Service for specific goals does not infringe upon the property and/or personal non-property rights of third persons, including author's and neighbouring rights, the rights to trade marks, service marks and names of places of an origin of the goods, the rights to industrial designs, rights of use of images of people etc., and the user receives all necessary permissions from authorised persons;

e. Service videograbber.net is intended for personal, house, family and others not connected with realisation of entrepreneurial business of needs of physical persons. Use videograbber.net in commercial objectives is not allowed;

f. The holder of Service is not connected in any way with a content placed by third persons in a network the Internet, and does not carry out check of the contents, authenticity and safety of this content, and also its meeting the requirements of an applicable law, and presence at the User of necessary volume of the rights to their use;

g. At use of videograbber.net the User can receive the Content which can consider containing the information of offensive or obscene character, unduly frank and also infringing an applicable law and the rights of third persons. On some found http-links on the content placed on pages specified by the User - the content focused only on an adult audience (and also a content limited to the legislation of host country of the User) can be accessible to downloading;

h. All responsibility for the Content (placed on the pages of WEB-sites indicated by the User) and conformity to its requests of an applicable law bears the person who created the given Content and (or) has placed it in a network the Internet;

i. Functionality videograbber.net does not allow to carry out playback (loading) of a content, passing WEB-sites on which the content is placed. The general review and Playback of a content occurs from the WEB-site specified by the User (on which the content is placed);

j. The owner of Service has the right to stop (Temporarily or finally) under own discretion granting of services (or any separate functions of Service within the limits of services) to all users in general or to the separate User, without the prior notification of the User;

k. videograbber.net can contain links to other WEB-sites, thus the holder of Service does not bear any responsibility for availability of these WEB-sites, for their content and advertising materials, and also for any consequences connected with use of given WEB-sites, their content or advertising;

l. The holder of Service is eliminated from any responsibility in connection with the infringements admitted by you, and also causing to you of harm or losses under the circumstances indicated above.