How to Zoom in Video?

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Zooming effect, also called Ken Burns effect, is a technique which enables a still image to display with a slow panning effect. This technique is widely used by directors in a verity of movies, especially in a scene whose image needs to be detailed spread out before audiences’ eyes. Instead of showing static scenes, using this effect actually means to pan across the image. And we usually get two crop settings, one at the clip start and another at its end. Thus, the object with zooming effect usually moves slowly from the start point to the end, which creates animation effect to make the video vivid. If you want to make your video standing out, using zooming effect is a good option. Hence here we will give you step-by-step instructions to help you zoom in video.

How to make zooming effect

In order to make zooming effect, some movie makers may use zoom lens, single-lens reflex camera and other professional facilities to shoot videos. However, buying those tools will expand your expenditures and it’s not what you want most of the time. So here we recommend you to use a video editing program to add zooming effect to videos. In fact, many video editors can help you zoom in a video, and in the followings we will introduce some good ones to you.


ApowerEdit is one of the good video editors having the zooming function. It is suitable for not only seasoned users but also beginners for it has an intuitive interface. What’s more, ApowerEdit is powerful enough, which offers users multiple editing options to create a satisfactory result. For example, you can touch up a video by using emojis, filters, overlays and so on. With the help of this tool, users could conveniently zoom in video. To learn how to operate this tool exactly, you can check the instructions below.

  • Download and install ApowerEdit by clicking the button below.


  • Launch the program and then add the target video.
  • Right click the media file and then choose “Add to Project”.
  • Click the zoom icon in the toolbar or right click the video in track then choose “Zoom”.


  • Edit the zoom area.


  • Click “Export” > “Export to video” to generate the video.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a cornerstone editing tool. For those who want to zoom video, Windows Movie Maker is another good option. Aside from adding zooming effect to video, it also enables users to perform many other basic editing jobs. You can check the followings to learn the basic operation.

  • Download and install Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft official site.
  • Open the application and add video files or photo files to the track.
  • Click “Animation” button in the menu.
  • Choose a zooming effect in the pan and zoom area.


  • Click “File” > “Save movie” > “Recommended for this project” to generate the video.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is also a good video editing tool, which enables users to do basic video editing, including zooming in a video. However, VSDC is a professional video editor, which provides lots of editing options for users. Therefore, if you are looking for powerful video editing software to zoom video, you can try VSDC.

  • Download and install VSDC Free Video Editor.
  • Open the application and add video files or photo files to the track.
  • Right click the video in the track then choose “Video effects”.
  • Choose “Transforms” > “Zoom”.


  • Editing the zooming area.
  • Click “Export this project” > “Export files” to generate the video.

The tips for making zooming effect

1. Choose an appropriate aspect ratio.
The black borders may appear if the aspect ratio of a zoom-in video clip doesn’t fit the aspect ratio of the whole video. So in order to have a better viewing experience, it’s recommended to keep the aspect ratio the same during the editing.

2. Choose an appropriate dimension.
Though the quality of a zoom-in video clip depends much on the whole video format, setting an appropriate dimension can help it keep in a high quality.


Making zooming effect is not a difficult task, and all the programs mentioned above are good to use. So we hope you can get an idea of how to zoom in video after reading this post. It’s indeed worth to have a try.

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