Video Grabber API Web Service

Video Grabber’s API is designed to enable your users to download videos simply and easily on your own website or app without install any program. We will continue to complete this API Web Service so as to ensure you better services.

Price of Video Grabber API

We offer two license types if you want to use our API on your site and app: annual license and lifetime license. We will send you API id as soon as you finish your payment and help you apply this API on your website and app.

you can contact us via online form for the price.

API Overview Guide

Requested URL:

  • userid: after you purchase our API services, we will provide you with an unique ID.
  • url: the video url, e.g, if you use GET method, please encode it first (urlencode).

*You can use GET or POST method (we recommended using POST method).

Return result(currently we provide xml format only):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--the [userid] will be replaced by your real userid -->
<content_[userid] status="ok" ><!-- if we grab the video file url successfully, return "ok", or return "error" -->
<link></link><!-- requested video url-->
<title>How to download and Capture videos with Video Download Capture - YouTube</title>
<keywords></keywords><!-- the keywords of video page, unused currently -->
<description></description><!-- the description of video page, unused currently -->
<image></image><!-- image url -->
<files><!-- some video has more than one video quality -->
<file desciption="HD1080P" url="" />
<file desciption="HD720P" url="" />
<file desciption="480P" url="" />
<file desciption="360P" url="" />
<file desciption="240P" url="" />

Supported video sites(Last update 04/20/2012)

API Update Notes

  • 01/23/2012: API 1.0.1, edit by Videograbber developers
  • 09/11/2011: API 1.0.0, edit by Videograbber developers