Grab YouTube HD videos

HD YouTube videoThe world leading video sharing sites YouTube support upload and watch videos in HD, you can choose 1080P, 720P and 480P videos, 360P video is low quality in YouTube.

This is a good experience for those people who seeking for high quality videos, and we are going to introduce you the way to grab HD video from YouTube, you can save HD 1080P, 720P videos to PC and transfer to your iPad, iPod, MP4 player etc, even burn HD YouTube video to DVD.

Free way to grab HD video from YouTube support grabbing videos from YouTube for free,  you just need to copy and paste the URL address of YouTube video, and click “Grab it”, the video will be automatically detected and download. The demo will present a more intuitive understanding.

Tips: You do not need to choose HD mode while using, if this video have HD mode, you take the video address here, will auto find the highest model for you.

For example: If this YouTube video support HD 1080P, we will find the HD 1080P file for you, you only need click download and save YouTube HD video to your PC.

HD Video grabbed from YouTube will be in FLV or MP4 formats, if you need other video formats, especially the format is in FLV format, you would not able to use it for your digital devices, some video converter software (from CNET) would help you.

Shareware to Grab YouTube HD video

Compare to freeware and online apps, shareware like YouTube downloader is more professional and easy to use when downloading HD YouTube video and downloading YouTube channel, there is built-in HD video converter there, you do not need any additional video converter software.

But you have to pay to get full version and download software to install.

Here is some screenshots about YouTube Downloader Suite We reviewed.

Search YouTube HD videos

You can search all HD videos from YouTube with keywords

YouTube HD video Searching

Grab and download HD Videos from YouTube

Click on videos you searched, you will able to download it, and it support adding URL of YouTube video, if there is HD Model, it will download HD video from YouTube, but you can choose to download standard quality YouTube videos, the file size will be much smaller.

Download HD video YouTube

Get YouTube HD Downloader from

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Ok, this all we talking about how to grab HD video from YouTube, maybe there are more choices, welcome to comment below.

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