How to merge video files into one

Sometimes I download movies from YouTube or other video sites, but most of which are divided into several parts. So I am just wondering whether those movie clips can be played on the same screen simultaneously. In other words, I suspect that I should merge video files into one for playing. How do I do that? Need some programs or not? Your preferences will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Available solutions to merge multiple video files into one

Hey guys, just take it easy, there is always a silent and graceful solution to every problem. However, other than that, note that in some cases where you need to join video files into one. For instance, you wanna make an entertaining movie project that requires you to merge several video part into a single movie or you have to put separate broken video parts into a full one etc. Any problem you encounter will be figured out with solutions described below.

Method I: Windows live movie maker

Windows live movie maker is a notable program for doing some editing stuff to your movies, actually, it also offers you the option to combine video files into one.

Easy guide here:

1. Make sure you have installed windows live movie maker on your PC
2. All you have to do is click on “Add videos and photos”
3. For example, if you merge two videos into one, drag each individual video clip into timeline. See screenshots as follows

4. After organizing the videos, you can “save movie” with a few options “For computer, for high-definition display, burn a DVD or for email”. Select either of them.
5. It will start merging video files into one automatically once you save the movie.

Tips: Some of you might want to excerpt a certain part of video clip in an individual video and then rearrange the video, a better way is splitting the video and removing unwanted parts with movie maker. After that, drag the clips you wanna move to the desired position in the timeline. You’re done to put videos in the right order.

Method II: A software app to combine video files into one

With the preferred solution above, it won’t bother you again about merging problem. However, the only limitation on what you cannot do is the newly generated video formats. Why do I say this? Because the video output format is only saved as wmv after combing with live movie maker, if you want to save videos as other formats like avi, mp4, mkv, flv etc, the function is gone.

Given this, my advice is to make use of this all-in-one video converter and editor. This tool cannot only help you merge video files into one, but also support saving videos in various formats for your multi-media devices such as iPhone, the new iPad or Android mobiles etc.


Steps: after installation, click “Convert”, add videos you want to merge, check the box “Merge videos into one file”, select the target format and destination folder. Now start merging and converting at the same time. Done

Merge and Convert

One trick for you: For users who want to obtain some video resources from internet, a free web service online video grabber really comes in handy. In case you get your wanted videos, you may begin joining videos.

Do you love combing movie clips and making your home videos? Make the leap now.

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