How to watch Hulu outside of US

How to watch Hulu outside of US

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Hulu is my favorite website to watch hot episodes and TV shows. I am often on business and travel outside the US, so that’s the problem. Hulu restricts you from watching their videos from abroad. Is there any way to make the website believes my IP is from the USA. Or could you recommend an international site like Hulu? I hope there is simple way out.

Check the solutions to watch Hulu outside America

Now that Hulu is such an irreplaceable eminent online TV & Movie site. You just keep on visiting it wherever you’re. Here are two free workable solutions:

Solution one: No need to install any programs

The only thing required is to use Mozilla Firefox browser

Step 1, search “free proxy list US” in Google, you will get many free open proxy list for US.

Step 2, launch Firefox browser, and click Options->options->Advanced->Network->Settings in Connection area, and choose manual proxy configuration.

Step 3, copy and paste IP address, for instance, and the port number respectively into “HTTP Proxy” and “Port” slots. Click OK and then you will be able to access Hulu from outside US.

But the proxy you use may navigate slowly. I suggest you try several more until you find a fast proxy.

Solution two: Free application to use

Hotspotshield is the most recommended app to help watch Hulu from Canada, Australia, Indian and overseas. It is very simple to download and set up.

Step 1, right-click on its icon and choose “Connect”.

Step 2, hotspot shield will open a web page, showing you its effort to get a fake IP for accessing US-only sites.

Step 3, if everything goes well, the task will be done in a while! Then just enjoy Hulu videos no matter where you are now.

Solution to download Hulu videos

If you encounter wanted Hulu videos and movies, why not saving it to computer? But Hulu videos are protected from downloading with normal software, like Firefox video downloader, Vixy Freecorder. What you need is a RTMP video record function. Because of this protocol, Hulu is restricted from downloading easily. Then try the Video Grabber Pro, it will enable you to download videos from Hulu like abc.

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