The quick and easy way to add logo to video

The quick and easy way to add logo to video

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I would like to add a logo on the gameplay video that I created before uploading it on YouTube. This is to protect my copyright and to let others know that I am the owner of the video. The problem is that I don’t have any idea on how to do this. Please help!

Methods to add logo on video

You may add logo on video to prevent others from using it for commercial purposes. Furthermore, this will also let those who watch the video know that you are the creator. There are different programs that you can use to add a logo on your videos and here are some of them.

Method One: Video Grabber

Actually, Video Grabber is not only an online video downloader, but also comes with a practical video editor. With the online video editor, you can trim, crop video clips, add watermark, effect and even adjust playback speed and volume. Since it comes with an intuitive interface, you can add logo to video easily. Firstly, go to the site of Video Grabber and then click “Convert” tab. Secondly, press “Select files to convert” button to browse your local video. Next, click Edit button to activate video editor. Click “Watermark File” option to load your logo picture from your disk. Last, press OK button to finish editing and then click “Convert” button to get start.

Method Two: VLC Media Player

VLC is a free and portable media player that is compatible with any operating system. It can play almost all kinds of media, whatever format they may be. Aside from this, it can also be used to add logo to video. However, you need to have the logo uploaded online as its URL is needed to add it on the video.

Add logo with VLC

To add logo on the video, open VLC and play your video. Click on the tools menu, then select on the Effects and Filters tab. A new window should appear. On that window, click on the video effects tab and search for the logo section by clicking on the left or right arrow. Click on add logo and paste the URL of your logo on the appropriate box. Adjust its transparency and position base on your preference and close. You should now have the logo on your video.

Method Three: Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Moviemaker is a video editing software from Microsoft. If you have this installed on your computer, you can also use it to add watermark in video. Open the program and select the video that you wish to edit. On the home tab, click title. Type the text that you wish to appear on the video, which will serve as your logo. Change the font style, color and size of the text to the one you prefer. Move the text to where you want it to appear on the screen. The frame for the title will be on the first part of all the frames. Drag it throughout the frames of the video where you wish it to appear. If you want it to appear on the entire video, under the format tab, change the text duration to the total length of the video.

Add logo

Method Four: ApowerEdit

This is another program that you can use to add logo or watermark on your video. This is easy to use as it supports drag and drop. Furthermore, it offers lots of editing features to make your video even more appealing. Open the program and then drag the video file and logo picture into it. Right click the video and then choose “Add to Project”. Drag the picture to image track. Double click the picture track and then adjust the duration, size, position, motion and mask for it. Go to “Export” > “Export to video” to generate your work.

Add logo with editor


Comparing the Four Methods

With all the methods available on how to add logo to a video, it will be easier for you to protect your video’s copyright. All of these three programs can be used to successfully watermark videos. However, the third option, which is ApowerEdit is the best as it supports drag and drop, it has several editing features available and it allows saving of video on the computer or other device, as well as directly uploading it on YouTube or burning on disc. The first method requires you to upload an image, while the second method does not offer other alternatives on what you can do on your finished video.

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