How to Batch Compress Images Online

How to Batch Compress Images Online

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One of the fastest ways to send a number of photos at once is by compressing them to smaller size. However, to do that, you need a compressor which can help you batch compress photos. Here is the list of some of the best tools which allow you to compress your photos by batch.

3 ways to batch compress photos

Online Image Compressor

First on our list about how to batch compress images is to use Online Image Compressor. This web-based tool is one of the best image compressors that is available recently. Moreover, it has a very easy to use interface. Every user will know how to use it as long as they open it. Furthermore, it can compress files by batch safely. It reduces the file size of the images without compromising their quality. You can compress your images by following the steps given below.

  • Go and visit its official webpage.
  • Upload all the images that you want to batch compress by clicking “Click to Add Image” or just simply drag and drop the images into the drop box.
  • Once the images are uploaded, choose among the three types including Size, Normal, and Quality. Click the “Compress” button and then hit “Download All” button to save all the compressed files.

batch compress pictures

Key features of Online Image Compressor:

  • It doesn’t require you to download or install any program.
  • There is no limitation to the size for each file you upload.
  • It supports all the popular internet browsers.
  • It can compress files at fast speed and output files with high quality.

Bulk Image Resizer

Another online application which you can use to batch compress pictures is called Bulk Image Resizer. This tool is simple to use and lets you resize multiple images by choosing the scale and the dimensions for the output images. Moreover, this program is absolutely free and safe to use. Furthermore, you can also adjust the display screen according to your choice by using the menu on the left side. Resize your images by following the procedure below.

  • Go to your web browser and visit its official website.
  • Drag and drop the images into its drop box or click the “Choose Images” button to add your photos.

    choose images

  • Select all the images you have uploaded. Once done, select the scale and the exact dimensions and then click “Start Resizing”.

start resizing

Batch resize images using Windows 10

Resizing your images manually on your PC is a very tiring and inefficient thing especially if you resize them one by one. Though you can resize images using paint on your PC, it is very time consuming and sometimes it is an ineffective way. Luckily, you can batch resize multiple images using your Windows 10. To get started, check the steps below.

  • Get the Image Resizer for Windows 10 on your web browser. Download and install it.
  • Open the folder where your images are saved. Select all of them and then right click to show the vertical menu.
  • From there, choose the “Send to” option. Choose “Mail recipient”.

    choose mail recipient

  • Select the file size you want then click “Attach”.

    attach images

  • Finally, type %temp% and in this folder, you will find your resized pictures.

type %temp%


These are some of the best ways about how to batch compress photos for sending them online easily and fast. With these ways, you can send or share your files by spending less time. However, if you are looking for a safe and trusted file compressor, I highly recommend you to use the Online Image Compressor.

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