Quick tips to download 4K videos

Quick tips to download 4K videos

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Nowadays, you are entitled to get super-high resolution content from more and more video hosting services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. You know, 1080p is used in HD video formats, which implies a high definition resolution standard. Video with 1080p resolution gives a high quality image display.

However, 1080p is not the highest definition video format available. 4k resolution, by contrast, refers to the high definition of 4096X2160 pixels. The advantages of 4k video over 1080p video mainly reflect in its highest image display. Since you can get the highest resolution video format on the internet, you will choose to watch and stream 4k video for better visual enjoyment. But a major problem is that watching them online will take you a long time, and sometimes even paralyzes your internet connection. In this case, you feel the need to download 4k video for offline playback on your big digital TV screen.

Quick guide to process 4k video download

Generally, the easiest way to download online video is via web-based application due to the fact that it requires no installation and complicated operation. All you need to do is simply copy and paste the URL link at provides area for downloading.

We all know that the web is full of these online tools, such as keepvid, savevid, keeptube, clipconverter, zamzar and other numerous ones. But badly, when you use these services to download 4k videos, the thumbnail image only provides you with video resolution formats, ranging from 240p to 1080p. It seems that 4k video is not available in your downloaded video. Given this, why not spare a few minutes to test the method below.

Method one: Video Grabber

Good news for video enthusiasts, now Video Grabber evolves its technology to support 4k video download. After you paste the video link at the downloaded area, if the original video comes with this kind of video resolution format, you are capable of saving them on your hard drive. The process is exactly the same as you download 1080p or other video resolution formats. Notice that essentially, the 4k video downloading speed will be slower than the normal video downloads because of its large video file size.

4k video download

Method two: Video Download Capture

Definitely, Video Grabber is an ideal way to save 4k video without spending a single dime. But provided that you hope to accelerate your download speed, another great method for sharing is Video Download Capture, which is actually a complete video downloader for all websites. Also, it functions as a professional 4k video downloader. Please take a closer look at how it works.


After enabling Video Detector, you just browser a video that you want to download and choose 4k video resolution quality for playing, it will automatically add the video into download list. The video download continues even if you close your webpage. Compared with the first tool, Video Download Capture free yourself from having to wait for the whole download process. Once the video is being detected, you just need to have the software running. You also have the option to pause and resume downloading anytime as you like. Honestly, the second program recommended is more convenient and less-time consuming to download 4k video.

4k video resolution

4k video has great potential to become more and more popular with users, okay, now let’s experience how delightful they bring to us.

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