How to download Current video

How to download Current video

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Current Media commonly known as Current is a media company that runs Current TV. It also has a webpage the that you can search while online. From the name itself this company provides the latest news that hits the mainstream. The good thing about its webpage is that a constant broadcasting is also provided just like what is shown on a traditional TV set. Aside from news, their webpage also provides documentary shows, blogs, and videos that they practitioners can browse through. Moreover, if you are looking for a certain show that you want to catch up, you can take look at it in the schedule section which is also included in their site. However, if you don’t have enough time to catch some of your favorite shows due to a busy schedule or just simply want to save a copy of a news video. In this case, to download current video is your only option that you have. But do you have an idea on how to grab videos from

The easiest way to download current video

If you have concern about the ways on downloading video clips from Current TV, then here are some methods that will help you to satisfy your downloading needs.

Method one: Video Download Capture


This method of grabbing videos from current will require the aid of a reliable current video downloader, which is the Video Download Capture. This is a well rounded video grabber that has the ability to download every video that you can watch from the World Wide Web. By using this program you can easily download Current movie and video with simple steps.

  • Step one: Install the Video Download Capture which you can get from their webpage.
  • Step two: Launch it and enable its Advanced Video Detector.
  • Step three: Open the video clip that you want to download from and play it; upon playing the video will be automatically detected by the Video Download Capture and will be included in the download library ready for download.

Moreover, if you want to do it manually, you can just copy the video link or URL and paste in on the tool’s built in browser and click go. In addition, you can also take advantage of its built in video editor and converter, which will be significant especially when transferring video clips on your portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPad touch.
Video Download Capture

Method two:Free Screen Recorder

There are many people that have a hectic schedule and when this scenario happens.Chances are you will be missing some of your favorite show. Thanks to the Current TV for they have a detailed schedule of videos and live TV shows that they will be airing live through the internet. On the other hand, if you still have worries of not catching Current TV shows in spite of knowing the schedule, and then recording them will be the answer. The best recorder that you can utilize for this is the Free Screen Recorder.afreescreenrecorder

Unlike other screen recorder, Free Screen Recorder has ability to Create Schedule Task which is very interesting because this feature will allow you to preset the screen recording with the exact time and date. So there is no need for you to be near the computer for it will instantly grab the Current video of your choice. This is a very cool function that makes this recorder stands out from the others.To set the time scheduler function: just go on the Tools, choose Create schedule tasks in the drop-down list, and then set start time, duration and stop time.When all of this is set you can enjoy yourself with other activities that you had and Free Screen Recorder will manage to download Current TV programs just for you.

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