How to Download Discovery Videos with ease

How to Download Discovery Videos with ease

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Discovery Channel is an American based cable station known for its vast array of documentaries featuring general entertainment, science, technology, history, reality TV, pseudo-science, automobile, occupation, unsolved crimes, evidence-based programming and all others. It is the second most widely distributed cable channel all across United States and has over 409 million subscribers worldwide. Moreover, it holds program information, program schedules, airing episodes, browser-based games, episode overview, featured contents, sneak peeks and full length videos available for people to stream or download. Due to its versatile shows, most people watch Discovery shows through their website. But for some fanatics, watching their favorite program aired on isn’t enough, they need to have a copy of it saved on their hard drive or mobile device. Hence, the need to download discovery channel video is a must.

If you want to save Discovery channel videos for future playback, save it as part of a collection, to burn on DVDs, to transfer on your mobile device, or for any other reasons, you can do it so by following these techniques.

Feasible Methods to Perform Discovery Videos Free Download

1. Easy video downloader (Windows way)
2. Efficient video downloader (Mac way)
3. Fancy tips

Windows Way: Video Download Capture

The perfect way to download Discovery videos is through the use of Video Download Capture. This software can automatically grab videos playing on the background as well as capture live streaming clips from websites. In order to save you tons of time and effort, it can perform bulk downloading and batch file conversion. Additionally, the tool offers a variety of file formats together with different video resolutions for you to save web videos. Besides being able to download from, it supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Discovery, Vimeo, National Geographic, Yahoo Screen, Hulu, and millions of other streaming sites.
Auto-detect discovery
Using this discovery video downloader is very easy, see the steps below:


  • Download and install Video Download Capture on your PC.
  • Open the program and let it run on the background.
  • Go to and play the video you want to capture.
  • The software will automatically detect and download the media file being played.
  • Head on to “download” tab and wait until grabbing process completes.

This live demo gives you detailed steps.

Live demo

Aside from capturing online videos, you can likewise use Video Download Capture to convert various files into different formats. It supports MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, gadget specific formats and other video files. Equipped with smart video editor, you may crop, trim, insert subtitles or edit your videos all by using the same application.

Mac Way: Free Mac video downloader software

For Apple PC users, discovery video download is indeed possible with free Mac video downloader software. Compared to other applications, it is a program that can be used more conveniently. The software lets you download multiple videos all at once and allows you to convert both audio and video files to the format of your desire. It doesn’t have any spywares, malware, toolbars or additional side-loaded programs. You simply play the Discovery video that you want to download in the built-in browser of the program, and then your video will be automatically detected and downloaded in seconds.

Download discovery on Mac

Aside from its fast and stable downloading capability, this application is equipped with scheduler function. This only means that you don’t have to sit all day in front of the computer waiting for your favorite episode to be shown live on Discovery. With Mac Video Grabber’s task scheduler, you efficiently download Discovery videos even when you’re away. Please download it right now.


Discovery TV Schedule

The above programs both allow you to schedule tasks for downloading future videos without waiting in front of computer, but you need to know the program schedule in prior to creating download tasks. Discovery schedules for live TV programs. If you are following certain shows or simply want to know the latest episodes, visiting Discovery Channel’s URL and heading straight to the weekly schedule page will give the information you want. Aside from weekly program schedules, this page equally contains vital information such as complete episode name, season, run time, and episode overview.

Schedule for download

For saving all these live TV shows for future playback, you don’t need to stop whatever it is that you’re doing, but just to catch your favorite Discovery Channel shows by using capable video downloaders with scheduling functions. All you need to do is to create a task, input the start time and duration, adjust video recording settings and you’re done. It’s really that easy and simple even you are away, you can now grab your favorite episodes without even touching your computer. For mac users, Free Mac video downloader software is equipped with scheduler function while Window users can opt for similar software such as Video Download Capture or the Screen Video Grabber.

Whether you want a free discovery video downloader, paid or premium one with efficient scheduling functions, there are many ways to download videos shown on Discovery Channel.

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