How to Download Martial Arts Movies

How to Download Martial Arts Movies

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It is no exaggeration that martial arts movies are so attractive that you would rather spend a few hours viewing a high standard exciting video than go outsides to have fun with your friends. Through the way, you opt to concentrate on every amazing scenes anticipating the next fight scene eagerly for fear of missing wonderful moments. Great martial arts flicks, however, not only possess awesome combat but create a story that actually makes it worth the precious rest time.

But you may feel confused to figure out how to download martial arts videos in an easy and fast way. The article below will go through several solutions that may suits your requirements. Keep reading till the end of the article and you will feel relieved to find your answers.

Two approaches to download martial arts movies with ease

Video Grabber

Generally, many popular martial arts movies are available on multiple video sites including YouTube, Putlockers, YTS , FilmXY and etc. If you want to keep these videos for offline playback and enjoy them in your leisure time, you can try to use a free online Video Grabber which grants you the ability to download kung fu videos in a fast yet easy way. What’s more, it’s extremely simple for you to operate this tool. Do as the following instructions guide you.

Step one: Search the martial arts video you desire to grab and copy its URL. Then resume to official site by using web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. After you paste the URL into the download bar, then just hit “Download” tab.

copy and paste

Step two: Next you will be informed by a pop-up window that requires you to download launcher for only once without afterwards installations, signup or even any fees. Please be patient to follow the guides to install Launcher.

Step three: Then you are asked to select your preferred format and resolution. Finally, save the downloaded video clip to destination folder.

select format and resolution


  • If it is unaccessible for you to download some encrypted videos, you can use its Record Screen function to record any streaming activities in an easy yet smooth way.
  • If necessary, you can convert your downloaded videos to any video formats for portable devices including iPhone, iPad, PSP, Tablet,etc.

However it’s a truth that this tool still holds some drawbacks that may make your customer experience not so satisfying. For example, you can do nothing but wait for the record process to complete when you are recording a video or you can’t download videos in batch model which may seems inconvenient for you.

Video Download Capture

Compared with the online tool, Video Download Capture is an amazing yet pro version with more considerate and powerful functions. Clean and more concise UI will bring you more comfortable user experience and make you operate the program with ease. Besides, you can download videos in batch model which for sure will save you much precious time. What’s more, the tool enables you to convert and edit the downloaded video based on your needs. Fortunately, you can download YouTube playlists effortlessly as well. Hence with just one simple click, you can download multiple YouTube videos in a quick yet easy way. Next will share step-by-step guides with you.

Step 1: Simply download and install the program by clicking the button below.


Step 2: Copy the URL of your preferred martial arts movies from the address bar. Then resume to the program interface and hit “Paste URL” tab. Next, video will be added to the download list. After videos are downloaded completely, try to find your video by clicking “Completed” tab from task list. Then right click the video and you will find the video destination in the folder. Next you can play the video to check it.

hit "Paste URL" tab


  • If you feel that manually copying and pasting video links one by one is truly time-consuming, you can turn to the function of “Video Detector” that grants you the ability to either use Detect page on interface or just activate “Enable detector” tab at the lower left side of the interface, which both will detect the streaming video on the web in an automatic way. Of course, it will simultaneously add the video file to the download queue.


  • If it is necessary for you to transfer some important media files from computer to your mobile phone, you can just click the tab at the top right side of the interface and hit “Add to iTunes” or “Add to Mobile” which enables you to freely sync files to your phone.


You may have already figured out the detailed steps to download martial arts movies, but you may wonder if there are any amazing martial arts videos you should not miss. Well, the following martial arts movies list in no particular order will provide you with some ideas.

1. Drunken Master I and II

Drunken Master is one of the earliest films starring Jackie Chan, who played Wong Fei-hong, a 19th folk hero in Chinese culture and a kung fu master that fights injustice in the time of British colonialism. It depicts a story that Wong uses his own unique style of Druncken Miss HO to overcome the Shadowless Hand and finally defeat Yim. Drunken Master II mainly tells that Huang Fei-hung starred by Jackie Chen battles traitors smuggling Chinese historical artifacts into the hands of the British. Jackie Chen fully shows how excellent he is when it comes to using his environment in cinematic battles.

Drunken Master

2. Crounching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Ang Lee is a world-famous director that has achieved great success and won pouring praises from thousands of audiences around the world especially Hulk and Life of Pi are the symbolized movies of his directing style. Even jaded critics are astonished and wowed by the dazzling mid-air choreography and intricate fight scenes, thus thinking highly of the film. Of course, this film sweeps away numerous awards and remains to occupy a far-reaching position as one of the greatest kung fu movies of all time.

crounching tiger

3. Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee was the first Chinese martial arts film to be produced by a Hollywood studio. Bruce Lee had a creative control over the project. It tells that Lee (Bruce lee) is a Shaolin martial artist from Hong kong who possesses great philosophical insight into martial arts as well as physical prowess. In order to unveil and stop Mr. Han’s shameful deeds involved with drug trafficking on the island approached by the British Intelligence Agency, Lee conducts his investigation and in the end uses the lesson he learned earlier to defeat Han.

Jackie Chan


Obviously, two methods introduced above can both help you download your preferred martial arts movies in a simple yet fast way. But if you just pursue better user experience, Video Download Capture is at top priority for you without any doubts due to its promoted functions.

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