A smart app to download mysoju video

A smart app to download mysoju video

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Are you fond of watching Korean or Japanese dramas with English subs? If yes, Mysoju.com will be a good place to watch TV series or movies from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. Even much better, it gives users free access to all TV episodes and movies.

Nevertheless, you will encounter some problems as follows: while watching movies on mysoju.com, you must have some buffers and be distracted by unwanted advertising, sometimes the video stops every 5 minutes. In order to avoid these harassments, two solutions can be taken into consideration. One is to become a premium member while the other way is to download mysoju video on your system.

Let’s first talk about solution one. No doubt, it will ask a payment monthly or yearly for being a premium member. If you have already been a member of mysoju, it will offer a number of benefits: no adverts, high speed video steam and capacity to search series through file. Personally speaking, this way cannot flick away your puzzles once and for all, because many video content may not always be available online for some reasons. Given this, I guess the best bet is to save videos on personal local disks at your disposal.

How to download mysoju videos free

Just move to the solution two. Providing that you download videos from mysoju to your computer, iPad, iPhone etc, then no external factors will affect normal video playback.

What follows is how to process the downloading task. It definitely requires a third-party app. You are advised to use video grabber pro to download videos from mysoju by taking steps below:


  • Launch the program
  • Enable video recorder
  • Select one or more episodes for playing
  • Automatically capture multiple videos in seconds
  • Watch this demo to have a better understanding

    Now the videos are saved on your computer, it’s okay to play videos anytime you favor. You see, Video Grabber Pro can be served as mysoju video downloader for users. Except for this, you can use it to grab videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Hulu etc. More great functions can be experienced like video converter, rtmp downloader, simple editor etc.

    Tips: Merge multiple video parts into one

    Surely you have noticed that each episode on mysoju.com is split into several parts. Assuming that you wanna combine those video clips into a full episode, just click Convert tab to add videos one by one and check Merge videos into one icon of mysoju video downloader.
    Combine video

    Save mysoju videos to DVD

    Since you have a bunch of hot episodes, why not burn them to DVDs for permanent preservation. Some of you must have fancy on creating a personalized DVDs. That’s right, DVD collections will do any good to you including share with family or friends. This professional online video to DVD burner will easily convert mysoju videos to DVDs. Also you may try free Windows DVD maker, but you have to convert videos into the right format for it.

    Recommendations: Some other sites to watch Asian dramas

    Other than mysoju, a great selection of Asian dramas and movies can be found in these sites including epdrana.com, viki.com, dramacrazy.net, dramafever.com etc, a tons of high definition video must give you a real visual enjoyment. It’s easy to download Korean dramas or more just as you download from mysoju. Happy watching.

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