Awesome movies like Captain America

Awesome movies like Captain America

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Many fancy comic books and fictions like Captain America, Ant-man, Spiderman, and Iron Man have been made into films which win great favors from zealots and public. Aside from the exciting plots, magical power and the grandeur of the spectacle, the justice and personality of those superheroes are quite admiring as well. Recently, with the release of Captain America 3 Civil War in 2016, the fad of superhero movie ignites the zealots again. Besides, there’re some other amazing movies like Captain America, which are all worth watching. You can check the following parts to learn basic plots about them.

The Most Favored Superhero Movies



Different from other superhero movies, Ant-Man is a movie whose inspiration is from ant. The story is focus on a great science technology – shrinking suit which was developed by Hank Pym. It’s also due to the shrinking suit, Pym lost his wife which makes Hope (Hank’s daughter) bear the grudge with Pym. Darren Cross, the villain of this movie who attempt to replicate Pym’s technology and create another shrinking suit of his own – Yellowjacket which horrifies Pym. In order to crush Cross’s conspiracy, Pym select a well-meaning thief Scott Lang who is gifted nimble body and intelligent brain as the Ant-Man fighter. Can they success crushing Cross’s evil ambition?




Another film like Captain America is Spiderman. It was firstly published in 1960s as comic books which was extremely popular among teenagers. In 2002, the first chapter of Spiderman was released and achieves great fame and commercial success. It tells the story about a high schoolboy named Peter Parker who was stung by a chemical mutated spider and acquired super power. Since then, Parker guard New York and fight against with the villains. Up till now, Spiderman have been filmed into four movies, and also appears in the presently hottest movie – Captain America Civil War.



Iron Man

Iron Man is a 2008 superhero movie which is also known as a similar movie to Captain America. It sculptures a genius, billionaire and playboy Hank Stark who invented a suit of powered armor and uses it to fight against with evil force. At the beginning of the movie, Stark was captured by terrorist group – Ten Rings and asked to build a Jericho missile. To escape and prevent the catastrophe, Stark secretly built the first version of his powered armor. When Stark escaped from the terrorist base, he announced that his company will no longer manufacture the weapons, which brings strong disagreement of Obadiah Stane (the partner of Stark’s father). In another hand, the Jericho manufactured by Starks’ company has been delivered to Ten Rings’ and Stane is conspiring to replace Stark as the head of the company. From now on, Stark begins to fight against with his enemies with his great armor suit.



Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is also a cartoon movie similar to Captain America, in which there’re 6 teenagers who has different capacities. All of these 6 teenagers are super creative geniuses who form a superhero team. The hero of this story is Hiro who is a 14-year-old robotic genius in the futuristic fictional city of San Fransokyo. He is raised by aunt and older brother-Tadashi. Hiro is talented and invent microbots which amaze all people. Tadashi takes Hiro to his lab where Hiro meets other five companions as well as Baymax – the personal healthcare robot. In an accident, Tadashi lost his life which depresses Hiro seriously. Occasionally, Hiro finds that somebody duplicates his invention and manufacture microbots on a large scale secretly. During the investigation for this affair, Hiro built deep affections with other six friends and Baymax. How will the story go on? It must be very interesting.

big hero 6



X-Men series movies have released seven movies from 2000. Meanwhile, the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse will be on show soon in 2016. X-Men series are the films like Captain America, which tells the story about the battle between X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants. Both of those two groups discriminate human world and attempt to mutate the DNA of humanity. However, the leader of X-Men realized the risk of causing lethality when mutate DNA forcedly. For this case, X-Men group starts to stop the plan and the battle with Brotherhood of Mutants.


All above of those are awesome movies similar to Captain America, which are selected from all superhero topic movies based on the review, plot and big cast. You may check them out by yourselves and enjoy the marvelous scene in movies.

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