Sites like IMDB

Sites like IMDB

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I like to watch movies from IMDB because it is a good platform featuring in movies and upcoming movie trailers. The category is well sorted that I can easily find any type of movies. However, I want more sites like IMDB as more available options can be added to my list for comparison. Can anyone offer the menu for me please?

Many people like to watch movie from IMDB as it is a huge movie store which collects abundant of films and the latest trailers. You can search the videos according to different genre as it provides well-sorted service. It offers newest information like movies, TV, showtimes and gossip celebrity news. And to solve Chloe’s problem, here let’s have a review first and then give a list of best alternative sites.

Brief IMDB review

IMDB, abbreviated from the full name of Internet Movie Database, sells a great deal of movies. The database stores vast information for audiences such as production cast and crew, plot summaries, biographies as well as the photos uploaded by actors themselves. Moreover, the site allows users to comment and rate on any movie within a scale from 1 to 10 stars. Viewers can select a film after comparing the rating scores. If audiences don’t want to watch movies, they have other choices to watch TV and trending news. This website also offers TV program, TV blogs and latest news especially on Oscar award. You can know the celebrity’s real time news from this website.

After knowing well about IMDB, we can turn to the best alternative sites next. With the following list, there are more movie options available to you.

Sites like IMDB

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a famous film review site launched in 1998. It is widely known as an integration of professional critics. The platform has created some “Top Critics” like Rober Ebert, Desson Thomson and many others. You can add the video to your watchlist after take their comments into account. Moreover, the site brings the latest entertainment news to audiences instantly that you can take this site as your alternative option if you can’t find enough info from other sites.

This is one of the most visited movie-sharing websites with ranking second to IMDB. It belongs to Fandango family and provides information on movies, upcoming movies and theater news. You can enjoy abundant resource from this website such as critics, articles and blogs under Review category or photos from the latest Hollywood events. After review IMDB, you’ll find the difference between these two sites that enables you to buy movie tickets online. That service is really convenient to audiences.

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Yhaoo movies is formerly known as Upcoming Movies, which is also one of the websites like IMDB. It enables you to read the latest entertainment news and simultaneously watch the newest trailers. You can buy a movie if the trailer arouses your interest. And there are also many comments from audiences that you can take into account. The site will recommend movies to you if you have no idea and also, it allows you to personalize the recommendation.

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Allmovie is one of the sites similar to IMDB to monetize from audiences. It offers comprehensive service such as plot synopsis, movie cast and credit, professional reviews and biographies. Also, it can recommend films if you choose reservation service. You can customize the recommendation according to your favorite genre or rating system.

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This is a social website for movie fans to share their favorite films. The app can track and save every movie you have watched and you can choose the list public or private. Also, you are able to connect the account with your other social networking account like Facebook. It’s a new stylish service that you can find favorite movies under different circles formed by audiences with separate taste.

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Additional tips for future viewing

After having a list of IMDB alternative, you can immerse yourself in the movie world. However it may disappoint you that the duration is short as most of the sites don’t offer videos without expiration. Actually, you can’t watch again if time’s up. To watch the videos without time limitation, it’s best to download the videos. Video Download Capture is such a kind of suitable solution which supports to download online videos, record screen and convert video to other formats. You can use it to download as many videos as possible.


Please take care that the software supports to download videos from nearly any website except the protected or encrypted video. When facing these videos, you can save them by recording screen. This is a universally applicable method to save any type of videos. The function is comprehensive that you can transfer the video to a portable device after convert it to matching format. Then you can enjoy the video anywhere and anytime.

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