What happened to movie2k, any sites like movie2k?

What happened to movie2k, any sites like movie2k?

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I’m a big fan of Movie2k since it allows me to watch high quality movies online without having to spend anything. But for some reason, the site is no longer working. I don’t know what went wrong. What happened to the site and are there other sites like it where I can watch movies without spending money?

Why movie2k disappeared from the Internet

Movie2k broke down because of copyright infringement concerns. Motion Picture Association (MPA) filed a complaint against Movie2k and another site called Download4all because of piracy issues. MPA won and the court ordered the two sites to be blocked, which is the reason why Movie2k is no longer accessible. However, there is another site that you can access, which was created by Movie2k’s original webmaster. It’s Movie4k.to.

Since Movie2k has copyright issues, you can watch your favorite movies at Movie4k. Because it’s from the same webmaster, you should still be able to watch old and new films with high quality. This new site does not host any of the videos. It serves as a directory of sites that host these movies and a place to stream them. Do not download any videos from the site for commercial purposes or for distribution.

If you are still concerned about copyright issues, there are other sites that you can try that will let you watch movies online. Even if Movie2k went down, you can still enjoy watching great movies for free on the Internet through these sites. Also, dont’t forget to utilize a robust screen capture software to grab any movie you want in full motion. By doing this way, you can enjoy favorite films offline without internet buffs or restrictions to devices (You may even bring them with your iPad and watch on the way). Take a free trial and get started now.


Watch movies for free on other sites


Hulu has plentiful video resources, viewers can watch full-length movies, trailers, TV shows and dramas there legally. It is simple to find your desired movie, just make use of the search box or browse the movies category. Movies from all over the world are gathered on the site, except of America produced movies, you also can watch movies from Europe and Asian countries. Watching movies on hulu.com is a delightful thing, the video playing window is large and the quality is good. Depending on the network speed, it is free to play the movie in 360P, 720P or 1080P. If you are willing to pay some dollars for upgrading to the plus account, more attractive services will be available. Currently, Hulu has limitation to non-American viewers, but viewers from other countries could access the Hulu outside US by using some tricks.


veoh logoThe site is well-organized, eleven genres are listed under the movies category, the way gives great convenience to users for discovering nice content. However, a part of Veoh’s content is uploaded by users, so some movies are just clips, and irrelevant videos also come out. In order to locate full-length movie, you should adjust the settings of search engine, choose longer than 60 min in the length dropdown list. In this case, only full-length movies will display. If you want to download movies from Veoh, Veoh player or other Veoh downloading software can be helpful.


iwo logoThis site gives you access to different movies and TV shows or series that you can watch online without having to spend a single dollar. It does not host any of the videos. Instead, it provides several links to sites that have the videos uploaded on their servers so you can stream them online. If you wish to watch a movie, you can click on the movie tab. If you wish to check out a television show, then click on the TV tab. If you are not sure what movie or TV show to watch the recommendations on the home page will give you a good idea. There you will find the featured movies, latest HD movies, most popular show of the week and the box office hit.


film clubIf you cannot watch movies on Movie4k for some reason or you wish to try another site for streaming movies, Filmclub is another site that you can access. The site is not written in English but it is easy to navigate on the movies by clicking on the Filmovi tab. It also has a search field where you can type the title of the movie you wish to watch to see if it is available. After clicking a movie, you will be taken to the streaming page, which also contains a download option, as well as a synopsis of the story.


zmovie logoZmovie is another directory site for movies to watch online. It contains wide selections of films uploaded on different video hosting sites. The films are rated by other users so you will have an idea if a certain movie is a good one or not. Furthermore, it gives various options for the sources of the videos, which also has ratings so you can choose the best one for movie streaming. You may also rate the videos and the sources to help others when accessing the site.


cuevana logoOne of the sites like Movie2k, which let you watch movies online without spending anything is Cuevana. You need to register for an account if you wish to access more features including commenting on videos. However, you don’t need to be a member to watch the video on the site. You can choose from different movie categories, as well as year released. The movies also come with star ratings as rated by users.

Navigate to these sites and discover your favorite movies. Have fun!

Latest new: Movie2k is back again, now you can visit the site by entering movie2k.tv into address bar.

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