Amazing teleportation effect in film

Amazing teleportation effect in film

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I believe that most of us used to dream of being able to fly as a child, especially when we have watched superhero movies like Superman. Apart from the flying, there’s another “supernatural” power called teleportation which also looks amazing. As a child being able to teleport from one place to another is something one can only dream about. Likewise, the film teleportation is widely adopted in the movies of fantasy. Actually, such effects can also be applied in the videos we film only if you have a recording camera and media file editing program.

Undoubtedly, your video would be quite unique and attractive if you create some teleport effects in your video. Before doing this job, let’s have a look what do we need to prepare.

1. Camera devices
First of all, you need a video camera that can capture all your motions. Also, the recorded video should be in popular formats that can be exported to PC and recognized by media file editing programs.

In addition, a tripod is quite significant, because the captured scenes should be smooth. Therefore, don’t forget to prepare a tripod to keep your camera stable.

2. Some good friends

When you have placed the recording device, you’d better ask some good friends to help you operate the camera. It would be better, if you have some friends who are good at photographing.
When recording, you can move your body in recording region. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to perform some handsome and cool poses.

After recording, we can start editing jobs to add teleportation effect to your videos. This job won’t be tough if you have some professional video editing programs. Below, I’d like to share some reliable video editors that can perfectly complete this task.

Professional editors for adding teleport effect

VideoPad Video Editor

This program is a simple video editor which also comes with many practical editing options. Users can edit multiple audio and video files simultaneously. Upon the panel, you will learn that the program empowers users to trim, crop, video clips, add audio effects, video effects, text and blanks to video. To create teleportation effect for videos, you can split the video and then add some video effects which can make your video smoother and natural. You can use this tool effortlessly by simply doing this:

  • Download and install VideoPad Video Editor from its official site.
  • Open the program and then add recorded video, next, drag the video to timeline.
  • Delete some sections by using “Split” function.
  • Add effects to each section to make the video smooth and natural.
  • Click “Export video” to generate video file.

VideoPad Video Editor


Another program that can also help you make such cool film teleportation effect is PowerDirectore 15. This program features most of common used editing options, such as trimming, cropping, adding text, transition, effects, etc. Also, this tool is capable of recognizing different media file formats with high resolution like 4K and blue-ray. When you have finished editing, the video can not only be exported to local video file, but be shared to online media networks including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook and Niconico video site. It’s quite convenient for you to share your cool video with other.

  • Install PowerDirector 15 on your PC and then launch it.
  • Add video file into the program and then drag it to timeline.
  • Split the video and then cut off the unneeded episodes. (Delete some parts to make you appear in the next frame suddenly.)
  • Add some amazing transitions for each frame that has been cut.
  • Go to “File” > “Export video” to generate your work and save to your local disk.


Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is a popular media file editing program which also works great in creating teleport effect. This program is generally used to make movie and TV shows, which comes with various editing functions including splitting, cropping, creating and adding special effects and many more. Furthermore, the program has a built-in interactive tutorial that enables users to operate this tool with no hassles. You can check the instructions below for more info:

  • Open Sony Vegas Pro and then import the video that you need to edit.
  • Add the video to timeline.
  • Cut the video frame and remove unnecessary parts.
  • Open the panel of transitions and then drag preferred to video.
  • Click “File” and “Save video” to save your work to local disk.

Sony Vegas Pro

Bottom line

You will find it an easy job to create teleportation in movie by using the applications suggested above. Actually, everybody can be a great director of his/her life. Why not try some media editing software to improve and personalize your footage?

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