YouTube by click review

YouTube by click review

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As a YouTube video downloader, on one hand, YouTube by click is famous for its usability and simplicity. After installing this toolbar on your browser, it makes its magic to save YouTube videos in one click.

On the other hand, most users reflected that YouTube by click is not safe and lacks processing power. In view of this, today we’d love to present YouTube by click review.

YouTube by click key features

  • One-click to download YouTube videos
  • Directly search the web on the toolbar
  • Download YouTube to mp4 and mp3
  • Queue up Top100 videos for you automatically
  • Download HD YouTube videos
  • Listen to various radio stations
  • Work with IE, Chrome and Firefox
  • 100% free and no registration


As stated above, you will find this server-based application is easy to use and brings a great convenience. Despite its merits, it also exists some weakness, for example, the instability is its main disadvantage.

To be specific, users always complained that it crashed while installing YouTube by click to their browser. All applications seemed to be stuck during its executions, which prompts you to wonder whether YouTube by click is safe. Another bad news, there is no YouTube by click for mac version. If you own a mac, you have to find an alternative to YouTube by click for mac.

YouTube by click not working urges to find a better alternative

According to the above YouTube by click review, you’ve found it is not playing nice at times. That’s why you are nagging to get alternative to YouTube by click. Then what should replace this toolbar? Now what I recommend is Video Grabber. With it, you can easily download YouTube videos in a stable condition. When the YouTube by click is down or not working, video grabber becomes a good option. Below are some tips.

About Video Grabber

The very first thing to say is that video grabber includes all the features of YouTube by click. It is a free online service to download videos from YouTube, which does not require installation on Windows or mac system. So long as you type the video link into download box, it provides the possibility to download videos in previously selected formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, MP3, 3GP, MOV, WAV and many others. Just watch this video tutorial for better understanding.

Advantages over YouTube by click

Compare the two ways, video grabber surpasses in the following aspects:

  • Much more stable to get YouTube videos
  • Support working on both windows and mac
  • Compliant with Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, IE and any browsers
  • Download YouTube video in much more video formats
  • Convert video file to all video or audio formats
  • Customize video/audio settings like Resolution, Bitrate, Frame and Sample Rate
  • Download YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Break, Blip TV and many more


Give all this, it is not hard to tell that video grabber exceeds its stability and diversity. You will never crash your computer with this web-based service. Besides, it is a good alternative to YouTube by click for mac or windows.

Another alternative to YouTube by click

You see, video grabber is the best online alternative, but some problems will be unavoidable. For instance, as the web-based service, the downloading process really depends on the internet connection. And a slow network can make the application respond slowly, which in turn affect the downloading speed.

In that case, a free software program – Video Download Capture makes a good substitute. Once you paste the video URL into address bar, the download will start automatically. It allows pausing or resuming the broken downloads while having poor connection. Users can even load and download videos in a batch mode. To some extent, Video Download Capture can be really called one-click to download YouTube videos on windows or mac.


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