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I would like to download music videos from but I cannot find an option on the site to do this. A friend told me to try Internet Download Manager. Is this a good tool or is there another application that I can use?

Tips to download vk video is a social networking site and the most popular in Europe. Majority of its members are from Russian speaking countries, though it is also available in other languages. It has similarities with the social networking giant, Facebook. The site allows adding friends, joining groups and posting status, links, photos and videos. While there is no direct option to download VK video, there are different applications available that you can use to download videos from the site.

Internet Download Manager

It is true that Internet Download Manager can be used for downloading videos from different sites including However, this is not the best software for the job as it expires after 30 days and it always keeps on updating. Furthermore, some settings need to be changed in order to download from other websites, which can be inconvenient.

Video Download Capture


A good alternative to download vkontakte video is Video Download Capture. This is one of the best programs that will let you save videos from almost any sites online. You will find it easy to learn how to download VK video even if it is your first time using the application as the options, buttons and menus would tell you immediately what they are for.

Whatever you can watch on the internet can be captured by this tool. You can automatically have it detect and download any video that you play on your web browser or set it to let you manually enter the URL of the video you wish to download. If you want to download videos from vk, click on the green enable video detector link. Else, keep it disabled or if it is enabled, you can disable it by clicking on the disable video detector link.

You can convert the downloaded video to another format that you prefer. It supports wide range of video formats so you can play the video using any media player and device. Some of these video formats include MP4, MOV, 3GP, Mpeg-4, AVI, WMV, ASF, MKV and AMV. This VK video downloader can also be used to capture mp3 files. The steps are the same as downloading videos online. Video Download Capture will automatically detect that the file is in mp3 format. Downloaded video or audio can also be converted to other audio formats such as OGG and WMA.

Auto detect mp3

Now, it is convenient to download videos from VK using the available third party downloader. You can use Internet Download Manager if you want to; but as mentioned it has several drawbacks that could bring inconvenience on your downloading. If you don’t want to keep on having to update the software and changing its settings when downloading on other sites, it is best to use Video Download Capture. Downloading with this program is easy and fast. With this, you can choose whatever is suitable for your specific situation. For instance, if you are downloading all videos from a certain playlist, then you can choose to automatically detect and download the videos since you will be downloading all of them anyway. If not, you can always choose the videos that you wish to download and manually download them by pasting their URL to the program.

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