How to brighten a video in the simplest way

Some parts of my videos are blurred. I would like to know how to brighten up those parts. I actually have a software called Virtualdub. It is a video editor and it can brighten the whole video but not parts of it. I do not want to brighten up my whole video, just the blurred parts. What can I do to make this possible?

Virtualdub is a video capture and processing program that you can install on your computer for free. It also comes with basic editing features for trimming and cleaning your videos. It is true that you can brighten a dark video using this program. But if you want to brighten only part of it, there is a work around that you can do. You may cut your video into three parts, and then combine them together to make them into one again. Through this, you can edit the blurred part and make it brighter without affecting the other parts.

Using Virtualdub to Brighten Up Dark Video

To cut the video into three parts, load the video, click Edit and select Selection Start. Click Edit once more and choose Set Selection End, then enter the time stamp of the end of first part. This is also where the blurred part of the video begins. Save this part by clicking on File then Save Avi As. You now have your first part. It’s now time to cut the blurred part by moving the frame slider to where the first part of the video ended or the beginning of the blurred part. Repeat the steps for the third and last part.

Now that you have cut the video into three parts, you can load the blurred part and brighten it the same way as you normally brighten a video. Once done editing, you can put together the three parts again to make it one with the blurred part already brightened up. Now, the last step is to start merging video clips. This could be too much work so if you want a simpler process, you can try using another easy program. Furthermore, Virtualdub can be complicated to use and it also has stability issues.

Brighten Up Dark Video with professional video editor

Apowersoft Video Editor is a great application that you can use for editing your videos. This application is very easy to use as it is user friendly. It also offers more editing features. Brightening part of a video can be done in a jiffy. Click Import and select the video you wish to edit and it will appear on the media area. Drag it to the video timeline below.

Video brighten

Select the video and move the frame slider at the beginning of the blurred part. Click on split, which is the scissor icon just above the timeline and it will split the video into two. Move the slider to the end of the blurred part of the video and click the split icon once more and it will divide the video into three parts. Click the blurred part, select the edit icon and adjust the brightness of that part. Click Save once done or edit more if you want. Even people who have no experience on how to brighten video would find this easy to do.

Both programs can be used for brightening the whole video or only part of it. However, Virtualdub requires more work for you to brighten part of the video, not to mention you may experience stability issues. Apowersoft Video Editor is user friendly and it lets you edit part of the video fast and easy. It also offers more editing feature than the other program so this one is the best choice.

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