The easiest way to add YouTube video to facebook

The easiest way to add YouTube video to facebook

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There are some instances wherein I want to share a YouTube video clip on my facebook page, where it will be showed on my timeline and at the same time will appear at my friend’s timeline as well. I also want to add my own comments for them to see. The only thing is that I don’t have clue on how to add YouTube video on facebook. Can you help me with this concern? Thank you.

How to add YouTube video to facebook

YouTube and facebook are two of the giant websites across the World Wide Web. Because they are popular, increasing numbers of users continue to patronize them. However, each of them has a different service and platform YouTube is more on video sharing while facebook is more on social media stuff.

To avoid any confusion and hassle, here are the easiest ways on how to add YouTube video to facebook page using YouTube’s sharing feature.


Find Share feature

First you must go to the YouTube video that you want to share to facebook. Scroll down and below the video you can immediately see the Share feature just beside the About tab, now click it.


Log into Facebook

Various icons will be shown which includes the facebook icon that is represented by a small letter f. Hit this icon and a facebook login page will pop up, fill it in and continue with the log in.


Embed video on Facebook

Another window come out which will show the thumbnail of the video that you want to share, above it you can type in the title of the video or any details that you want, and press Share. This will instantly post it on your timeline and will also be seen by your friends.

Embed Facebook


Leave comment you like

Once it was already posted to your timeline, you can now comment as many as you want, and you can tag it as well.

Sharing videos from facebok to YouTube

There are some cases wherein it’s not all about the ways to post YouTube video to facebook. It is often that users want to do the opposite way, which is to share video clip from facebook to YouTube. Unlike YouTube which has a sharing feature, facebook does not have this feature so far. There are individuals that can do it easily, but there are also some that have difficulties with it. Moreover, to post a facebook video to YouTube all you need to do is to download the facebook videos on a computer then upload it on YouTube. The best method for this task is by using a powerful program which is the Video Download Capture.


Just play the video that you want to download and the program will automatically detect it and will include it on the download’s library which will be then downloaded. Once the video is saved on your hard drive, you can now upload it your YouTube page. But make sure that you already created a YouTube account for you to make any video upload. Furthermore, if you want to personalize your video prior uploading, you can do that by using the service of Windows Live Movie Maker, or a more compact editor. Simply open the video editor to import a video, you can then cut, trim, add effects, and many more.

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