Best aTube Catcher alternative

Best aTube Catcher alternative

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The innovation in technology continues to create an impact on our everyday lifestyle. The Internet is the best example of a modern technology that creates such an impact in everything that we do. This includes different social media sites, chat rooms, free video calls etc. Aside from these are video hosting sites that we often visit for the purpose of entertainment, MTV’s, DIY instructional videos, and so forth. Moreover, most of us do want to keep some videos for future use or as a guide in everyday routine such as workout videos, but downloading any video clip is a challenge for some. That is why as I go through this article, I will discuss the best ways on how to download online videos for free using aTube Catcher and a perfect aTube Catcher alternative for everyone to use.

What is aTube Catcher?

When we talk about downloading online video, one of the most talked about video downloader was the aTube Catcher. An advanced software that allows you to get all of your desired videos and save them in any device or gadget that you want. All you need is to download the program and install it in your desktop or laptop then you are ready to go. By using this aTube Catcher you can freely grab video clips such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, and other video hosting sites. You can do this by simply copying the URL of your chosen video then paste it in the aTube Catcher and click download, it is easy, isn’t it? Aside from video downloading, it can also performs as a screen recorder, video converter, DVD/CD creator, and an audio recorder. Unlike other downloader that claims a lot but continues to fail your expectations, this software is made with an exact precision to meet every function that it was intended to do. Making it a reliable downloader for everyone.

atube catcher screenshot

As a part of my aTube Catcher review, here are some of its PROS and CONS:


1. It is easy to use.
2. Performs various tasks.
3. Can download videos from almost everywhere.
4. It gives you an option of downloading video files to different formats.


1. Added program should be installed, and It alters your computer settings without giving prior notice.
2. Downloading and converting videos to another format can be slow at times.
3. Some videos cannot be converted.
4. It uses a lot of computer memory so your computer can hang during video conversion.
5. It can have a PUP.BundleOffer.Downloader.S a malware that can affect your computer performance.
6. It doesn’t work on Mac, so you have to find an aTube Catcher for Mac.

This aTube Catcher is a good video downloader to have, but some flaws that are seen in this program. It is quite disturbing for everyone such as a slow conversion rate and a potential malware infection. For these reasons, it is far advisable to use an alternative to fill those gaps that the atube program cannot provide.

The best alternative to aTube Catcher

There are other downloader that is out on the net, but regarding to performance, Video Grabber is definitely the best online downloader that has ever created. This site allows you to grab all kinds of videos from the internet without having doubts of being infected by a computer virus or malware. Moreover, there are different features that this grabber has that definitely covers all the drawbacks that the previous downloader failed to accomplish. Some of its features allow you to:

  • Use it without installing an added program.
  • Allows you do download HD videos.
  • You can search, record, and convert your videos easily.
  • A perfect aTube Catcher for Mac products.
  • It is 100% safe and clean.

This video downloading site is very easy to use, even for first timers. The only thing that you need to do is to copy the URL of the video that you want then put it in the box provided on the site, click Grab it and your download begins automatically.

The demo shows you how to process online video download with Video Grabber.

guide to download from youtube

If you are not yet satisfied with the first alternative, then it is better for you to get PRO!


This another aTube Catcher alternative is an upgraded version of the Video Grabber site. It is a great downloading program that works just like the one on the site, the only major difference is that it requires you to download and install the software prior to first use. However, since it is PRO there are some features that is incorporated in this version that is not available with Video Grabber. Firstly, it can process a cluster of video downloads and conversion. Secondly, it gives you the comfort of customizing your videos using its editing tool. And lastly, this program allows you to record RTMP streams even from any protected video sites which is fantastic.

grab video screenshot

All of the above video downloader do their work as they should. Although, some of them have some drawbacks that needs a closer look. Which of them is the best merely depends on the user preference. But in general, a safe and clean video downloader is still preferable and always been the top choice.

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