Best VLC alternative

Best VLC alternative

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The VLC media player or simply VLC is a free portable media player that was developed by VideoLan project that was released more than a decade ago. This media player can handle any type of video regardless if the file is compressed, have different formats or some portions are still for download. So far it earns its reputation as being one of the most sought after media player across the nation. However, there are some downfalls that are often related to this program. Some of these include: an unfriendly user interface, a rebuilding Font Cache, lack of audio issues, and various technical problems that can show up during the program usage. These are the reasons why it is advisable to look for a VLC alternative in case your VLC player failed to do its job.

The best VLC like players

There are numerous media players that can be seen on the World Wide Web. But the following media players that I will discuss are considered to be the best VLC player alternative that we can make use of.



Is a reliable media player like VLC that has the capability of playing multiple video formats including AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, MPEG, and the likes. The KMPlayer or the K-Multimedia Player is a developed by Pandora TV which is located in Korea. This media player earns its reputation as a reliable program because it was able to match and compete with the top of the line media freeware that are available.



This is one of the pioneer media players that still active up to this date. RealPlayer, which is also known as RealOne Player, is a media player and downloader that can handle various file formats such as MP3, MP4, QuickTime, Windows Media, and so forth. It has a manageable platform that can fit anyone’s media playing needs.



The Universal Media Player or UMPlayer for short is a cross platform media player that uses libavcodec which is also utilized by VLC to play various video formats without adding an external codec. This program was released two years ago by the UMPlayer team. In spite being a new program UMPlayer continues to flourish as a reputable media player since it has interesting features such as a 270 plus built in audio and video codecs, ability to play streams and YouTube and many more.



This standalone media player can also serve as a good alternative to VLC media player. The DivX player is a media player and converter that was created by the DivX Inc., which was out a couple of years ago. It is a powerful media player that contains DivX Codec which can run multiple types of video formats. Moreover, this program also has a plug in for web browsers for a more sophisticated video viewing.

The VLC alternative for Mac

As we all know, Mac has its own operating system that does sometimes creates a compatibility issues with the software being used with it. And in an event that you want to have a spare media player aside from VLC then have a look at these programs.

QuickTime player

Quicktime player

There is no need to introduce this program in details since I bet most of us have an idea to what this program does. QuickTime is a media player that is currently the default media player of any Apple running OS. This is indeed a good VLC alternative for mac because it is 100% compatible with the Apple OS. Although there are still some format incompatibility issues, it is still a good alternative that is worth trying for.



This is the last program that we can utilize as a VLC alternative, but definitely not the least. Using the MPlayerX is like combining two programs into one. The reason behind this is the fact that this program almost mimics the same function of the VLC media player at the same time having almost the same user interface of a QuickTime player. A combination that leads to the birth of an outstanding program that is suited for every Apple users.


Formerly known as Democracy Player or DTV this jam packed application can also serve as a VLC alternative. This program is made by Participatory Culture Foundation which is first seen in action in 2006. It is a free ware that is commonly known as an internet TV and at the same time a video grabber it one. However, its array of functions does not stop there, for this application also has a media player that can run varieties of video format. A 3 in 1 program is definitely not a bad choice to have as a VLC substitute.

Miro player

All of the above mentioned programs do really have want it takes to be a VLC substitute. Although they have their own orientation that makes them differs with each other. It is hard to tell to which is the best among them until you personally try them. But overall, these programs are phenomenal.

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