Clipconverter alternative to download and convert online videos

Clipconverter alternative to download and convert online videos

Last updated on December 18, 2018 by has been popular with many users, which is a free web-based service to download and convert videos from various online video-sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Blip TV, Break, Google video etc. With it, you don’t need to be linked to a software program because clipconverter will accomplish video download and convert task directly on the web. However, many of users want to find some similar sites like clipconverter. And for what reason to replace with this great tool? Okay, let’s first make an overall clipconverter review. not working prompts you to find clipconverter alternative

Once tabbed into clipconverter, you’ll noticed that it incorporates many functions for users. Being compared with other online video services, the distinctive features embody the following aspects:

  • Directly download and convert online videos to mp4, aac, wma, m4a, ogg, mp3, 3gp, wmv, flv, avi, mpg
  • Adjust and control volume to your likings
  • Convert local files
  • Do some settings such as customize the bitrate, edit ID3 tags, choose aspect ratio etc

Indeed, despite those attractive functions, you may still wanna get an alternative to clipconverter due to one of listed causes: not working with youtube

In case you’re curious, now is not working for YouTube. Any YouTube downloads are not allowed anymore. However, YouTube, as the largest video streaming website, attracts thousands of video fans and serves us the world’s videos anywhere. It seems YouTube has become the leisure life of the part and the demand for YouTube videos is unceasingly increased. In this way, you are more willing to download videos from YouTube, but not from other video sharing sites. So then, you are in need of a alternative to save YouTube videos.

Relatively Complicated operation claims to record and convert media URL, which in turn explains that it requires two steps to finish downloading. After typing the URL into video address bar, your first step is to process the conversion and then click Download to save online videos in your local disks. In other words, you spend almost twice the time in one video task. It is also a laborious and time-consuming business.

Best alternative to clipconverter – Video grabber

According to the above analysis conclusion, you have every reason to acquire clipconverter alternative. In fact, numerous online video services can perform equally well as, and even much better over its demerits such as keepvid, savetube, savevid, keepvid etc. Now we will mainly focus on

Download YouTube videos and more

Video grabber is a similar site like clipconverter, but the biggest advantage lie in its support for grabbing YouTube videos. This tool assists you in accessing every video on YouTube, what you can watch is what you can download. Moreover, a wide variety of video sites supports for download online, and video grabber will turn to upgrade more sites for downloading based on users’ requirement. Okay, a demo video will be given to tell you how to download and convert YouTube videos.

Easy and reliable operation

It is so easy to download and convert online video directly with video grabber. You don’t have to go through them one by one. As soon as you input the URL, a list of popular video formats will be presented like MP4, WEBM, FLV, 3GP, MP3 etc. It’s comfortable to save online videos as your wanted video formats by clicking on Download. Thus it omits the conversion process and saves your trouble.

Note that, before downloading video, you’re required to download and install “Launcher” which makes downloading process more stable and faster. Absolutely, the “Launcher” is completely clean and safe. It takes extremely small space on your computer. The webpage will guide you to download this component, you won’t find it complex.

download launcher

Work smoothly on Mac

Besides being simple to operate, the final feature to mention is video grabber for mac. A part of users reflect that the system halted while using clipconverter on mac, but this situation never occurs to video grabber. All goes well on mac system just as you do it on windows platform. Thereby, video grabber can be regarded clipconverter for mac alternative.

video grabber for mac

Have you found a clipconverter similar site? If not yet, try this great service – video grabber.

If you prefer more functions, you may check the followings which illustrate a professional program that features powerful functionality in downloading and some other practical tools.

Professional downloading program

Video Download Capture

Using Video Download Capture is also an awesome solution to download online video. It can finely download video and audio from internet with great quality. Also, this tool is equipped with a video detector that can analyze and download online streams automatically once the program detects URL successfully. Furthermore, its built-in tools like screen recorder and video converter are good to use as well.

video download capture


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