Tips and tricks to download videosurf video

Tips and tricks to download videosurf video

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We all know that there are countless best videos on the website such as YouTube, Hulu, CNN, Metacafe, fancast and more. Wanna try those sites one by one and discover the best videos for downloading. You might well have spared yourself the trouble. My advice to you: download videosurf video for future reference.

What is videosurf? Perhaps you must be thinking why you need to download video from videosurf. Okay, please allow me to give explanation as follows. Actually, features a powerful search engine to find and watch videos across the major video-sharing sites like ABC, CBS, Vevo, YouTube etc. Just type the keywords into the search box and hit on it, the relevant results will be automatically displayed.

Users can also sort out results by the following modes: Refine by person, show only faces, Video source narrowing, category narrowing or select videos by popularity etc. In this way, no time wasted for you to search favorite videos from each site respectively. In conclusion, VideoSurf is a complete video resource library.

Tricks to download video from videosurf

Since users are able to locate the video sources, that’s gotta be an explanation to videosurf video download. You do not need to grab videos from Dailymotion, MSN, ESPN or more deliberately. As long as you navigate to, it could be lived up to all your search results.

Take for example, as if you download hd video from YouTube, play the selected YouTube video on videosurf, right-click to copy the url of video. Then open up the website, which is free web-browsed service. Just enter the link into address bar and grab it. You’ve done this.

In the meantime, you will find that a mass of full episodes, music videos, or movies on videosurf, but does not support those protected content from Hulu, CBS, ABC etc. Supposing that you wanna download videosurf video onto local discs, it is a solid idea to use Video grabber pro that actually plays the part of videosurf video downloader. After installation, only enable its advanced video recorder and specify the direct videosurf link into built-in browser.

download videosurf process


Tips: As videosurf presents abundant video resources including TV shows, how to videos, info videos, test pilot videos, sex medusa videos, teasers videos and a lot more, you may define source classification on your video management library.

Fascinating topic: Watch videosurf videos on your iPhone

videosurf mobile appWith a multifunctional digital device like iPhone or iPod touch in hand, one can easily surf the net and download what he needs without connecting to PC. That’s to say, users can directly discover and watch videos right from your cell phone or other devices as long as you download VideoSurf video discovery mobile app on the gadgets. This app intelligently indentifies TV episodes, music videos, movie clips, news video or more just as you do on your computer. By the way, you may have pleasant experience to share your favorite videos on Twitter or Facebook after finding what you are fond of. Identically, just follow your friends to locate the hot video recommendations.

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