How to Get YouTube Channel Logos and Icons for Free?

How to Get YouTube Channel Logos and Icons for Free?

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There are a lot of channels on YouTube. These channels are created so that you can upload and access your videos. Furthermore, channels can also gain subscribers. The better and interesting videos you have, the more you can get subscribers. Your logo will tell you who you are and what you do especially on your YouTube channel. Aside from that, having your own logo will make you gain more subscribers as they will find you genuine and more attractive. In case you are new to creating your own channel, it is best if you make your own logo. Therefore, you will need a free YouTube logo maker. Actually, there are many logo makers available on the internet. Here are the top 9 tools which you can utilize.

Best logo Makers for Your YouTube Chanel


Logaster is an online application which lets you create a logo for free. This page works by simply filling out the company name and the nature of your business or channel. From there, the site will suggest you designs which are related to your YouTube channel. You can also edit its color and design if you wish to. After that, simply save the file in your computer.



Another YouTube channel maker online that you can use is the Logomaker app. Just like the first one, just put in the name of your channel in it and then choose your category. The page will then give you design suggestions which you can utilize. After choosing the design, you will be directed to the editing panel where you can edit and add more designs to it. Save the file once you’re done.



In case you feel like using a single icon for your logo, then you can use Icons8. This is also a free online app which can let you make your logo with great ease. There are a lot of icons available which you can instantly use. All of them are arranged according to categories. All you need to do is to choose your icon and then download it afterward.



Iconarchive works the same as Icon8. This site offers free icons which you can use on your logo as well. It offers a lot of icons which you can download instantly.



One more free YouTube icon maker is Iconsflow. In case you are looking for a more professional icon maker, then this one is perfect. It has an editing panel which lets you edit the icon that you chose. You can change its color, position and you can also rotate it. Furthermore, icons are saved with a transparent background.



You can find more icons which you can use to your logo at Flaticon. This is also a web-based app. However, you will need to sign up for an account in case you want to edit an icon that you chose.



Meanwhile, if you want to use some existing logo like FaceBook, YouTube and other social media you have, you can download them from Seeklogo. This page is perfect in case you feel like adding another logo to your own logo. You cannot create your own personalized logo in here.



Freepik is a YouTube icon creator. You can get icons from here which you can use for your logo. Moreover, you can also download your banners which you can use on your YouTube channel. However, not everything on the site is free. You also need to avail of the premium account.



In case you are looking for a desktop tool which can help you create an icon, then Iconion is the best app for you. Here you can find hundreds of icons which you can edit and use.



Those are the tools that you can use to make your logo as a YouTube channel generator. All of them will definitely give you convenience and good quality logo and icons.

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