4 Ways to Make Cool Twitch Overlay

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Let’s run through a scenario: You have been making live streams in Twitch for a while, and you get tired of using the same Twitch overlay all the time. Then you start to consider that whether you can customize a Twitch overlay. In fact, creating a unique Twitch overlay is as easy as brewing coffee. Everyone can design their own Twitch overlay with a good-to-use overlay maker. In this article, we will suggest some of the best Twitch overlay makers which can help you to make a cool Twitch overlay.

How to Make Your Own Twitch Overlay?


Streampro is a free on-in-one tool, which allows users not only to edit overlay graphics, alerts, and animations but also to add them to Twitch stream in one minute. This tool is loved by most streamers because it assists them to conveniently design a wonderful Twitch overlay. For example, users can choose animated image from Streampro’s image library, where lots of free elements are listed. Using these interesting elements in your Twitch overlay is bound to make your overlay stand out. Here are steps on how to make Twitch overlay using it.

streampro overlay

  • Go to Streampro’s official website.
  • Connect Streampro to your Twitch account.
  • Click on “Create New Overlay”.
  • Click on “Themes” to choose a free theme from its library.
  • Drag the widgets in the editing area to adjust their position.
  • Click on “Insert Text” and “Insert Image” to add a text and import an image.
  • Click on “Save Changes & Edit” to save the overlay.


Streamjar is another free tool for streamers to custom overlays. With its friendly interface, Streamjar is committed to giving users the best using experience. It offers users 5 functionality areas to overview Twitch account’s state, to search a tip, to customize an overlay, and so on. Furthermore, this powerful tool gives you choice to add text, banner, song, image, etc. to your overlay. Therefore, you can easily make a delicate Twitch overlay with StreamJar. You can check the following instructions to learn how to make Twitch overlay.

streamjar overlays

  • Go to Streamjar.tv’s official website.
  • Authorize StreamJar.tv to connect your Twitch account.
  • Click on “Manage” to enter the manage mode.
  • Click on “Overlay” to make a new overlay.
  • Add texts, songs, images, etc. to the editing area.
  • Adjust elements’ positions and sizes.
  • Click on setting icon and choose “Save” to export the overlay.


Stream.tv is the twitch overlay maker, which not only offers beautiful stream overlays but also enables users to edit these overlays according to their own requirements. The best thing about this tool is that you can simply turn elements off at the flick of a switch and watch them disappear when editing. After making an overlay you can directly store it in the cloud. And these easy operations are really attractive for beginners to join in. However, many elements in Strexm.tv are not free, and it costs your coins to use them when you make a Twitch overlay. That’s one of Strexm’s biggest disadvantages. Below are the steps you can follow in.

strexm overlay

  • Go to Strexm.tv’s official website.
  • Connect it with your Twitch account.
  • Click on “New overlay” to add a new overlay.
  • Choose a free overlay and go back to the Home.
  • Click on “Edit” icon on your selected overlay.
  • Edit the overlay in the editing area.
  • Click on “Settings” on the right side of the editing area to adjust the visible elements.
  • Click on “Update” in the upper-right corner to save your overlay.


Overlayr is a free platform for making your own stream overlay. This Twitch overlay maker is designed for beginners, which means that everyone can easily make Twitch overlay with Overlayr. Actually, Overlayr has an intuitive interface with the toolbar on the right side, and the green screen in its center area. It also provides users with simple overlay bar, a box with custom title and content, text, icon, and image. So you can import any materials in your computers to Overlayr. Then adjust their positions and sizes based on your performance. Here are steps on how you can use it.

overlayr overlay

  • Go to Overlayr’s official website.
  • Click on “get started” button in its main page.
  • Authorize Overlayr to contact your Twitch account.
  • Add respectively bar, box, text, icon, image to the editing area.
  • Click on “Theme” and choose the one you prefer.


Above are the tools and instructions for you to make a Twitch overlay. All the tools mentioned above are free to use, expect for Strexm.tv, which also offers paid elements. Therefore, you can choose your preferred ones and use them to make your Twitch overlay perfect.

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