Best alternative to Orbit Downloader

Best alternative to Orbit Downloader

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When we talk about video Downloader, Orbit Downloader is one of the most talked about program out there for quite some time. It performs at the top level that is why many people continues to adore it for a couple of years now. Downloading any videos is not a problem with the Orbit Downloader for this program is built to perform. In spite of its popularity, there are still some things that need to be polished, that is why it is better to have an Orbit Downloader alternative fill in the gaps.

To understand more about the need to have an alternative here are some list of merits and dismerits of Orbit Downloader to take a look at.


  • Fast downloading speed.
  • It supports multi thread download.
  • Good platform design.
  • Works well on Firefox and IE.


  • It is complicated to use.
  • It crashes every now and then.
  • Not compatible with Browser like Chrome.
  • Need to install added software.
  • Does not work with Mac supported device.
  • Malware can penetrate some download.

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The Finest Orbit Downloader Alternative

Yes, Orbit Downloader can provide your video downloads, yet, there are still some drawbacks that needs to be addressed. Given this, it is important to have the finest alternative to Orbit Downloader. Don’t waste your time fixing program that was not compatible with your computer system, try a more reliable downloader which is called Video Grabber. This is an online video downloader that is now making its way to the top as an outstanding video downloader program. Here are some features of Video Grabber that makes it the best alternative to Orbit.
Video Tutorial

1. It works both with Windows and Mac system – This is one of the best features that Video Grabber has. For it can work smoothly in whatever computer processors, in spite of some complicated system such those of Mac. It is indeed the finest Orbit Downloader for Mac.
2. It is very easy to use – This program has a friendly user interface and does not require any added installation.
3. Can grab any videos online – It has a powerful system that can grab every video clips that there is on the World Wide Web.
4. Has a built in converter – This is perfect for converting video files to a video file format that you want.
5. Fast download speed – It is so far the fastest downloader that I had tried. Although downloading can be affected by your internet speed.
6. It is 100% clean and safe – Video Grabber is a safe program that processes clean video grab without any malware or computer viruses.

Both Orbit Downloader and Video Grabber are working well in getting videos online. However, they are things that are included in one program that is not included in the other. One of which is the compatibility. As you can see in the programs list of PROS and Cons, Orbit Downloader does not work on Mac systems. On the other hand, Video Grabber works perfectly with Mac system and with any browsers. Moreover, Video Grabber has also added features which Orbit does not have. With this key point, I may say video grabber is a better Orbit Downloader for mac alternative.

video grabber for mac

After doing a sort of Orbit Downloader review, I therefore conclude that video downloading is an easy task that depends on the personal preference. There are individuals that are willing to use a program’s spite of its flaws, while others tend to use alternative such as Video Grabber for a change. Overall both of this program works well but I give a slight advantage to Video Grabber for its compatibility and multiple features.

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