The most popular films in 2016

The most popular films in 2016

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2016 has elapsed by more than half year, in which Hollywood and many other great movie factories released many amazing films like Zootopia, Capitan America: Civil War, Suicide Squad and many more. Benefiting from the exciting and interesting plots and exquisite scenes, those movies won great box office and rank highly on movie recommending lists of each site. Undoubtedly, those films will be the classic pictures in future. In the following parts, let’s review those great films released in 2016.

Fantasy theme movies

Superhero is always a hot theme in the field of movies. Up till now, most of superheroes like superman, batman, spiderman have been filmed into series movie. Expectedly, those superhero movies draw large audiences and attention from different circles.

1. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War was released on April 2016, which is one of top movies in 2016. This film assembles all the famous superheroes including Captain America, antman, spiderman, ironman, etc. In this story, our superheroes fight against with each other for the conflict in accepting management measurement ruled by government, especially for the two groups led by Tony Stark (Ironman) and Steve Rogers (Captain America). Apart from the magnificent scenes and special effects in Captain America, it’s also thought-provoking of the moral contradiction about sacrificing few people’s lives to save more people.

Captain America

Similar to Captain America: Civil War, another two superheroes – superman and batman also evolve into a battle. This battle was named Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of big films for 2016.

2. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

This story happens after superman’s destructive battle with General Zod in Metropolis 18 months ago. The battle ruined many buildings and killed a large number of citizens. Therefore, superman has become a controversial figure. Meanwhile, after witnessing the aftermath of the battle, batman Bruce Wayne regards superman as a potential threat to humanity. Additionally, Lex Luthor, the villain of this film who instigates batman to fight against with superman, aiming to kill superman and prove himself more outstanding than superman. Wayne’s conspiracy successfully intensified the conflict between superman and batman. Since then, another battle is impending.

superman v batman

Walt Disney initiated Animation Studio that produce quite lots of great animation films like Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Fantasia and many more. In recent years, Disney continuously released excellent works, such as Big Hero 6 and Frozen. Expectedly, the works produced by Disney rank on the list of 2016 hot movies again.

Disney animation movies

1. Zootopia

This film tells a story that takes place in a modern zootropolis populated by anthropomorphic animals. All the animals get along with each other harmoniously in the zootropolis. The heroine is a rabbit named Judy who holds a dream to be a police officer since her childhood. Though there’re so many disapprovals and ridicules towards her ambition, Judy successfully passed police office entrance examination. Judy was assigned with parking duty initially, which discouraged her so much. During carrying out her tasks, Judy got acquainted with fox Nick who assists Judy to investigate into a citizen missing case afterwards. After a series of difficult and obstacles, Judy and Nick eventually solved the case and spoiled the evil conspiracy of zootropolis overturn. It’s not only recognition and supports from zootropolis citizens Nick and Judy achieved, but also sweet LOVE!


2. Finding Dory

Finding Dory is also one of popular films in 2016, which descripted a new story after reuniting Nemo with his father Marlin. This piece put perspective on Dory who starts journey for reuniting herself with family. Dory yearns for family and decides to look for them when she sees the migrating bats. Helpful and kind as Marlin and Nemo are, they decide to help Dory. However, no sooner than Dory arrived California coast, she is captured by Marine Life Institute. Fortunately, in Marine Life Institute, Dory meets a seven-legged octopus, two sea lions and a white whale. All of those creatures get along with each other harmoniously. Under the help of those friends, Dory finds her parents and gets back to ocean along with Marlin and Nemo.

finding dory

The most worth expecting film in 2016

Star Trek

Star Trek describes an optimistic future world, in which human combine with other alien creatures to overcome diseases, ethnic differences, poverty and wars. Afterwards, the United Federation of Planets starts further exploration into remote cosmos. Will they find new world and civilization? Just stay tuned for the upcoming Star Trek!

star trek

Practical tricks – Download 2016 hot movies

Generally, those movies are available on many movie sites including Putlockers, YTS and FilmXY. If you want to keep those great pictures in your local disk and watch them offline, you may consider downloading those movies with Video Grabber. It’s a totally free online application that enables users to grab online streams. Also, it’s extremely easy to operate this tool. You may do as follow.

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  • Paste the URL on address bar and then click “Download” button.
  • Choose preferred format, resolution and destination folder.

download 2016 hot movies

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