Tutorial to watch and download country music video

Tutorial to watch and download country music video

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Country music is a style of today’s popular music, which greatly differentiates from pop, rap, Jazz, rock, classic or other music forms. It consists of various genres music like cowboy music, Western swing, bluegrass music, Honkuyu-Tonk and so on. The country singers always give every song its own personality and attitude while performing on the stage.

Not surprisingly, as a loyal country music lover, you may take a keen interest in country’s hottest stars such as Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean etc., and even some of you wanna watch their featured music videos. Hence, perhaps you wonder where to watch and download country music video so that you can replay it on your iPhone 5, Android phone or other mp3 players over and over again.

Where to watch country music video

Before carrying through country music video download, the initial condition is to discover music according to your taste. Then what on earth are top country music video sites? Here handpicks some reputable ones for reference.


YouTube iconYouTube has almost every video out there, which is naturally no exception for country music video. It really rocks to look into music video by the artist, album, title etc. Though it is the largest video sharing sites, the video content has not been yet classified. You have to identify target search to locate the specific country music video.


CMT iconCountry music television is abbreviated as CMT, like its name suggests, which specifically offers country music, videos, online radio, TV shows and more. Unlike YouTube, all video stuff here related to country music elements. What’s fascinating about it is to get the latest country music news and videos here. If you hope to do free country music video download, CMT is the best bet to gain internet music sources.


Yallwire iconRight you are, Yallwire is also tagged with country music videos. It’s easy to browse top country videos sorted by artist, title, top rated, newest, most viewed etc. After registering to be a member of yallwire, you may watch country music videos with fewer ads. Absolute a neat user experience.

Download country music video the easy way

As a matter of fact, apart from the above three sites, country music videos are made available on AOL, VEVO, Yahoo music video etc, all of which provide a wide range of options. Now that you have easy access to music resources, what to do with country music video download? There are two methods, both of which we will cover here.

Free web-based application – videograbber.net

As we just mentioned, YouTube has a lot of great video resources about country music. That’s to say, with video grabber, you just need grab videos from YouTube to save your favorite videos. After searching your desired music video on YouTube, only copy and paste the video link into grab area, it prompts you to resolve issues quickly. You are equipped to select a suitable video quality format to match your digital gadgets.


One-stop solution for video download and conversion – Video Download Capture

True, in addition to downloading online videos, Video Download Capture combines video converter as well. Now let’s take a look at how to download country music video with this app, here I would like to take cmt.com as an example to show how it works.


Steps to download and convert country music video

  • Launch Video Download Capture
  • Open Advanced video recorder(support RTMP)
  • Paste your wanted cmt video link into built-in browser
  • Click Go to detect the URL
  • Automatically add video into download list
  • Right click to convert country music video

That’s it, you may also check out the demo to see how it looks in action.

Video Download Capture is nearly apt for any video download, it’s a nice try to download any country music video clips you like.

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