Best YouTube Downloader for Yosemite

Best YouTube Downloader for Yosemite

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Yosemite is the newest and eleventh major upgrade to Apple’s operating system. It was announced and released to the developers last June 2 at the WWDC 2014. The public beta version on the other hand was introduced July 24 and as of time of several minor updates have been carried on. The name of this newest operating system was based on California’s famous Yosemite National Park. Yosemite or Mac OS X 10.10 has a lot of things to offer. From translucency to improved applications, everything seems to be at par with Apple’s latest OS. However, bear in mind that since Yosemite has only been in the loop for quite a while, certain programs won’t be compatible with this OS. To one of which are downloaders meant to download YouTube on OS X Yosemite. If you’re on the hunt for efficient Yosemite-compatible video applications that actually work, read on to this article.

Best YouTube Downloader for Yosemite

1. Online YouTube Downloaders

Video Grabber

One of the best online YouTube downloaders ever available, you can use this internet-based application to download videos not just from YouTube but from other popular streaming sites as well. And since Video Grabber needs not to be installed, this app doesn’t have incompatible issue with Yosemite.

Download Facebook on Mac


Easy to use and works just like stated, Keepvid is yet another option you have to download YouTube video on Mac OS X 10.10. It features a simple interface that even the newbie wouldn’t find it hard to use the site.


Just like the others, Savevid is an online tool meant for easy downloading of videos especially those seen on YouTube. There are category tabs on top to see what’s new and latest, but expect popup advertisements from time to time.

Another free YouTube downloader for Yosemite is Keep-Tube. This online application requires to copy and paste your desired URL into the search bar while clicking “Download by URL” will save the video content straight on your Mac.

Keeptube logo

It might not have a visually attractive user interface but can download YouTube videos in an instant. On this site, advertisements are not that heavy and it supports various video streaming websites from Break to VK.

It is a visual way to compare the differences by seeing this chart:

Main FeaturesSimple user interface

Over 1000+ supported sites
Fast loading

Download from hosting sites
Category section present

List of archived videos available
Easy to use

Support for different hosting sites
Web developer tools available

Polished user interface
Browser compatibleokokokokok
Additional Tools/FeaturesVideo to mp3

File converter
Video joinerEmbedded video playerLoop videoBrowser add-on

2. Desktop YouTube Downloader

Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

More than just a YouTube Downloader for Yosemite, this software can equally save live video streams. Moreover, it can conduct bulk video downloads and conversion. With its built-in video editor and auto-detect functions, no wonder why most Windows and Mac users choose this application.

Video Downloader for Mac

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is known for its fast downloading speed and ability to support different browsers. You can pause and resume your downloads. Also, you can use proxy serves for a more private way of capturing YouTube videos.

Real Downloader

Previously known as Real Downloader, it is now renamed as Real Player SP. This intuitive application can store, play, copy and share online videos. With this program, you can also backup your videos through online cloud storage.

Download process

aTube Catcher

With various format offerings and supported websites, aTube Catcher is yet another tool that can download YouTube video on Mac OS X 10.10. It also comes with built-in screen recorder that allows grabbing of webinars, chats, live presentations, etc.

aTube catcher logo


Equipped with different functionalities such as one-click file hosting, download accelerators, instant play and plug-in support, you can use iLivid to grab all your favorite YouTube clips straight on your Mac PC. It is free to download but bundled with additional software.

Look at this chart to get what you want best:

Video Downloader for MacOrbit DownloaderReal DownloaderaTube CatcheriLivid
FeaturesSupport for real HD videos

Support for various media protocols
Lightweight application

Free to use
One-click download button

Backup your videos
Free to use

Support multiple formats
Free to install

Built-in accelerators
Installation Size21.9 MB5.6 MB24.01 MB15.72 MB1.22 MB
Additional Tools/FeaturesRecord live stream

File converter
P2P based downloading technology

HTML5 compatible
Real player

Real converter
Built-in screen recorder

DVD maker
Bundled with VLC streamer
Mac supportFully compatibleNo known version for MacSupport wellWorks wellMac OS compatible

3. YouTube Downloader Plugin

Video Downloader Helper

Firefox’s Video Downloader Helper is a free YouTube downloader for Yosemite. It is a small utility add-on that doesn’t consume much memory even when browsing graphic-filled websites.

Downloadhelper logo

FVD Downloader

FVD is said to be the Chrome’s counterpart for Video Downloader Helper. It can download flash videos in Chrome as well as playing audios in just one click.

Easy Video Downloader Express

This is more of a plugin rather than an extension. The Easy Video Downloader Express is now unavailable on Chrome’s web store but it is still downloadable on Chrome’s Plugins section.

Video DownloaderHelperFVD DownloaderEasy Video Downloader
YouTube compatibilityokokok

Compare the three ways in general

There are many tools, techniques and ways to download YouTube on OS X Yosemite. Even though it is not yet officially released, getting yourself ready for the time being will help avoid frustrations.

Below is the quick comparison of the above methods, through comparison, you will find what is the best for you.

Online DownloaderDesktop ApplicationsBrowser Plugins
No installationoknook
Great stabilitynoyesno
PriceFreeFree and PaidFree
RemarksBest for users who
requires no installation
More features
and extra tools
Browser dependent
Rating:4.3 /5(based on 20 ratings)Thanks for your rating!
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