How to Resize a Video?

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In your daily life, you may have ever come across the situation when you upload a video to YouTube, but find that the video’s quality is too low. Or when you want to add a video attachment to an email, but unfortunately find that its size is not suitable to be added. In fact, a video’s size is not set in stone. You can easily resize it with certain software to get a higher video’s quality or to limit a video’s size. Many video editing tools and video converters have this kind of resizing feature, but some of them hide this feature in deep, which is usually not available in the frontend for you to use. The post will introduce those tools to you, in order to help you resize a video.

How to Resize Video’s File Size

Video Converter Studio

Video Converter Studio is a desktop app which is designed to convert video. Apart from that, it also features as a video editor to help you do basic video editing, such as trimming videos, cropping videos, adding watermark to videos, and so on. Actually, before converting a video, you can easily limit the output size with this video converter. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  • Install Video Converter Studio by clicking the button below.


  • Click “Add files” to import a video.

    import a video

  • Select an output format and an output folder.

    select output and format

  • Click “Size”, and check “Custom” to resize video file.

    click the size icon

  • Click “Convert” to convert the video.

Easy Video Maker

Easy Video Maker is an all-in-one Movie Maker. With this software, you can easily edit, create, and make high-quality videos and movies. Aside from that, this app offers you both basic and advanced video editing functions, such as cut, trim, split, join, fade in and out, etc. However, Easy Video Maker is unfriendly to beginners because of its complicated interface and professional functionality. So we only recommend this tool to seasoned users. Below are the steps on how you can use it.

  • Download and install Easy Video Maker.
  • Click “Plus” icon to add a video file.
  • Drag and drop the video to the video track.
  • Click “Settings” > “Size Mode” > “Size priority”.
  • Custom the “File Size”.
  • Click “Render” to save the video.

easy video maker

How to Resize Video’s Frame Size

When uploading a video to some media platforms, you may worry about a video’s frame size, not its file size. Therefore, the software below is suggested to you.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a professional video player, which enables users not only to play video file but also to do basic editing. For example, you can adjust the video contrast and brightness, crop the frames, add filters to videos, etc. In fact, it will be convenient for you to resize videos’ frame size using this tool because of its relatively powerful video editing functionality. Below are the steps on how to resize a video.

  • Install and open VLC Media Player.
  • Click “Media” and choose “Open Capture Device”.
  • Click “File”, add a video, and choose “Convert”.

    click convert

  • Click an icon next to profile to edit selected profile.

    edit profile

  • Choose “Video Codec”> “Resolution” to fill in frame size.

    resize the display size

  • Click “Save”, names the destination file and then choose “Start”.


Ezgif is a free online website for you to resize videos online. Though this website is famous for its Gif making function, it also provides some basic video editing tool for you. When comparing Ezgif with VLC Media Player, you can find that this tool is more easy-to-use than then later one. If you’re looking for an online tool to save your computer storage space, then this is the best one for you to use. If you want to use this tool to resize a video, you can check the instructions below:

  • Search for Ezgif and enter this site.
  • Choose “Video to GIF”> “Resize Video”.
  • Import a video or paste a video URL, and click “Upload”.
  • Fill in the frame width and height.
  • Click “Save” to export the video.



Those are the tools that you can use to resize videos. Some are desktop versions for you to resize the file size, and others are online tools for you to resize the frame size. Instead of using them to resize videos, you can actually use their other features in different scenarios. We hope that now you know how to resize video file after reading this post.

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