Where to watch 4K video

Where to watch 4K video

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The development of multi-media technology keeps giving surprises to the world. When you are still wonder at high definition 1080P videos, the 4K videos have already emerged. 4K video has 4000 pixels horizontal resolution, it offers viewers the chances to feast their eyes with the ultra high definition videos.

Currently, some of professional digital cameras and digital single-lens reflex cameras could shoot 4K videos. Common people might think that this type of video is far away from them for they don’t have the channel to watch 4K video. Please, don’t hold the wrong opinion any more. 4K is coming to our daily life, large companies launched 4K monitors, 4K TVs and even 4K projectors successively. The most encouraging news is 4K begins to take a part in online streaming video field. Now, you can get 4K videos on popular video-sharing platforms.

Top sites to watch 4K resolution videos

How to find 4K videos? Which sites allow people to upload 4K videos? Where I can watch 4K movies? For solving these questions, I’ll recommend the good websites to watch 4K resolution videos.


In 2010, YouTube added the support for 4K videos. You can watch the sample videos in the playlist which named 4K resolution. Or, use the YouTube video search engine. Search keywords like 4K, 4K videos, 4K resolution or others. 4K videos have large size, fast network speed will ensure you to watch YouTube 4K videos fluently.

In fact, you should do simple setting when watching 4K on YouTube. While the video is playing, click the gear shaped icon which located on the bottom of video window. The small menu appears and lets you select quality for viewing. Hit the Original item and this video will be played in 4K format.

4K on youtube


Vimeo is the first site which presents high definition videos to viewers. Thanks to its brilliant encode technology, the video quality won’t be destroyed after uploading them. It is joyful to watch 4K video on vimeo.com since its video player is big and sleek. Content of 4K videos are mainly about art, landscape, animals and plants. The video is play in 4K resolution by default. If not so, hit the HD button to enable 4K video playback.


Metacafe is another place which can stream 4K video. After searching 4K on the site, several result pages generate. However, a part of videos list there are not real 4K videos. Look at the title, you will know some videos are talk about 4K news, 4K products or unrelated information. Metacafe doesn’t allow users to filter videos by quality and resolution, you should spend more strength to find 4K videos in this case. Here’s a friendly tips, a bracket which writes 4K resolution often follow the main title of 4K video.

Better way to watch 4K movies

At last, I hope you can understand that enjoy 4K videos on computer is not the best choice. The screen resolution is limited, it is impossible to see full 4K quality. Luckily, there are a lot of professional 4K products on the market, so I suggest you to download 4K videos off net and watch them on 4K display. Here singles out the popular 4K monitors, projectors and TVs in this year: LG 84LM9600, Sharp LCD6400, Sony XBR-X900A, JVC PS-840UD, NEC NC3240S, Panasonic TH-152UX1 and etc.

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