Great sites like YIFY

Great sites like YIFY

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Watching movies is one of the most popular ways for entertainment. When enjoying the film, the interesting scenes and plots can alleviate our stress and doldrums in life. YIFY is a great site that provides tons of resources for different kinds of movies including romance, action, crime, fantasy, comedy and many more. People can find and download favored films upon this platform. Unfortunately, this site is unavailable sometimes for unknown reasons. It would be quite discouraging for us movie zealots. To proceed the joy for watching movies, I found some other great movies sites like YIFY, which also offer various films for you to download.

Parallel sites to YIFY

1. The Soft Bay

The Soft Bay is also a popular site that provides online streams downloading service. It’s designed with an intuitive interface that enables uses to search and download video easily. Also, its page is well-arranged, so that you can filter preferred movies with years, genres and quality. Beyond that, the movies downloaded from this site are in small size with nice definition. You don’t have to worry about the space of your local disk. Undoubtedly, The Soft Bay is a wonderful YIFY alternative to grab films.

The Soft Bay

2. FilmXY

It’s also recommended to use FilmXY to download movies. This site provides different genres of films like documentary, love, action and so on. It’s equipped with a massive database which can satisfy most of people in searching desired films. Also, this YIFY alternative allows users to download the latest movie even for those pictures released recently. Plus, it still keeps the old and classic films. Therefore, you can review those memorable episodes and scene at any time.


3. RarBG

RarBG is also a site like YIFY, which features a powerful torrents searching engine. When you open up the page of this site, you will find its layout is really intuitive. Upon the main page, it classifies the video clips into several tabs, such as Movies, TV shows, Games, Music, etc. In addition, it will tag some info about size, resolution for the online streams. By the way, all the video resources are uploaded by users. If you got some interesting video clips, don’t forget to share with others.


Although those YIFY alternatives offer various resources for movies, it’s hard to know the exact plot from poster or brief description. Perhaps, you will find the movies are not so good after downloading. To save your expectation from being in vain, you may try these video sites below which allows users to search and watch online streams online.

Awesome alternatives to YIFY

1. Rainierland

Different from the former sites, Rainierland is a video site that permits users to watch online movies. It allows you to search videos in genres of animation, romance, family, horror, sports and so forth. In the meanwhile, Rainierland also recommends some hot and popular movies on main page, which gives you more ideas choices for movies.


2. Putlockers

Another hot video site is Putlockers that provides multiple genres of movies including TV shows, horror, comedy, adventure and many more. This site comes with a great searching engine which can also search the movies based on releasing date, directors, starring and genres. With the help of this advanced searching engine, you can find and enjoy all the works of the directors and actors you like.


Download online streams with Video Grabber

It’s also feasible to download the videos from Putlockers and Rainierland. You may consider using Video Grabber which works greatly in downloading online streams. This tool is a totally free web-based application that can complete downloading task on webpage directly. It is capable of analyzing the URL you provide, and then download the video to your local disk. In addition, you can choose desired resolution and format for the downloaded video. Below are basic operations about using this online application.

  • Navigate to the site of Video Grabber.
  • Copy and then paste video URL in the blank of address.
  • Press “Download” button and then choose desired format.

Download online video

Tips: For the first time, you will be guided to download and install a “Launcher” which improves downloading process more stable and faster. Absolutely, this component is safe and tiny which takes little space.

All of those sites are great alternatives to YIFY. Hope you can get more ideas about searching and downloading favored films.

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