Top 10 internet radio sites for streaming music

Top 10 internet radio sites for streaming music

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Once upon a time when we wish to listen to our tunes, we needed to own a physical media or Walkman to fulfill our demand. Today, with the rapid development of internet technology, we modern people are girded with convenience of the harvest of high-tech. The appearance of internet radio sites has altered the way we listen to music. Streaming music sites are growing up like mushrooms, making them the best choices for audio entertainment. Here we have collected top 10 websites to stream music. The list is not ordered based on a rank expression.

A Bravo Introduction of Internet Radio Sites


Pandora undoubtedly is the juggemaut of internet radios since it has been evolving for near half a century. Time does not fade its glory but remains and even strengthens its popularity. According to the songs selected before, Pandora will record your music taste and pick up songs for you automatically. But something frustrates us is that as one of the best internet radio sites, it is only available in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, the free version of Pandora is ad-supported. That implies if you want unlimited service without any interruption of ads or more advanced request, you have to pay for it.


Grooveshark can be nominated as another Pandora. But unlike Pandora, it is characterized by its music upload option which grants users to upload their own music easily. As an internet radio different from conventional one, there is a DJ or database designing the playlists. Featured by a library, Grooveshark offers hundreds of thousands of songs to choose, which is far more than your own PC. As a self-directed radio among all best internet radio sites, it equips with all traits of other music streaming websites and if it is needed, you could make your own playlist within several minutes.

grooveshark logo


Spotify is a Swedish website like Pandora, which is limited to the USA, Spain, the UK and parts of Europe currently. It offers legal and free access to a huge library of music. One of its best features is it can be accessed on a large number of devices including Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and many more. This service permits its users to go any internet radio streaming in the library without time limitation.

spotify logo is definitely a great all-around music site which offers similar service like Pandora. is strong in providing social service, which means you can communicate with other users to exchange opinions and suggestions friendly. You can vote for your favorites whatever songs or artists here. As a recommendation music site, it will help you discover the music based on the type you choose to play.

lastfm logo


Slacker is another one among all best online radio stations. Users can personalize and customize their preferred music, news, sports and stations freely. The experts like DJ, music industry professionals create and programme radio stations, which makes the radio stations perfectly customize for you by genre, artist and individual songs merely. Slacker is available in devices like IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and many, many more.

slacker logo


MOG is short for Music On The Go. What makes it brilliant is its sound quality and music selection. With the collection of over 15 million free songs, it is a great website for any music lover. Based on one’s already like, as one of the best internet radio sites it will recommend you new songs, artists and stations for pleasure. Compatible with a number of devices, it quite suits people on the go who want to acquire music.

mog logo


Created in Paris, France, Deezer now is the first global web-based music streaming sites with no restrictions. Owning a light, clear and simple design and user interface both of web or desktop version, Deezer makes it easy to navigate its services. You do not need to sign up to get the service and all of the music is free now. What if you accessed Deezer Via a web browser, you would benefit yourself from all streaming music services without a dime.

Deezer logo


Unlike other internet radio sites, Songza won’t recommend any song based on the songs or artists selected but on how you feel today. There are 5 playlists on this site preparing for you. You are able to play music for how you feel at that moment. For instance, if you had your hands full today, Songza would provide you with playlists related to busyness today. The playlists which can be played for unlimited time are free commercially. The big innovation has brought freshness to the music entertainment of radio stations.

songza logo


Rdio enables its users to stream a limited number of songs for free per month. The best part of Rdio is that it is available for playing songs caching offline. Cooperating with social sites, Rdio makes it possible to share self-created playlists with people who have similar interests.

rdio logo


Jango is one of the best internet radio sites allowing users to create a custom radio station based on an artist or genre. The station will be actually played right away. If you want to share your habit with other music lovers, Jango will do it for you because of its social network feature. Listeners not only can get their favorite music here, they can also share their tastes. You do not need to become a subscriber of Jango because it is ad-supported.

jango logo

How to record audio on PC

Even though parts of free online radio stations provide offline music, we can numbered them within our ten fingers, however. For enjoying tunes at any time, the ability to record audio from those top internet radios for offline use is quite required. Here shows you an application to make it.

The one that is highly recommended is audio grabber, a third-party tool capable of recording whatever you hear. It won’t let you miss any part of the song. What’s more, quality of the recorded audio is no difference from the original. How to navigate it is fairy easy. Here are the steps you can refer to:

  • Install and run the app.


  • Play the music you wish to record and hit “On” button on the app.
  • Hit “off”, if you want to stop recording.


Note: To some extent, audio grabber could be named as some kind of music search engine. It will advise top songs and albums and allow as many songs as possible to download directly from internet. By the way, if you desire for editing or converting a song, audio grabber is available for both.


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