Top 5 best watermark software

Top 5 best watermark software

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When watching videos downloaded from the video sites, you may find that some of those videos are watermarked. Generally, the watermark is usually used to demonstrate the source, creator or publisher of the video clips. With watermark inserted, the originality for the video can be finely protected from being abused by others. Also, watermark can work as a nice banner advertisement to promote the one who created the video. For people who have no idea about watermark program, check the followings to learn some wonderful applications to do this job.

Recommended application for subtitling

I. Video Converter Studio

This tool is a professional program designed for perfect video converting and editing. It features a users-friendly interface that enables you to grasp operation tricks within several glances. It is equipped with a built-in editor which can recognize text and picture file and help you add them on video as watermark. Meanwhile, you can customize the watermark through adjusting position, transparency and size based on your preferences. Plus, this watermark software comes with some practical functions like media file converting, online video downloading, screen recording and MV creating.

Latest version: 4.4.4

Program size: 27.9 MB

Platform: Windows XP/7/8/10

Additional features: Format converting, video downloading, screen recording and MV creating


Smart tricks – Personalize video clips

Aside from adding logo or watermark, you can also personalize video style with this program. Its built-in editor offers various editing options for you to rotate video and adjust visual effects, playback speed and volume.

best watermark software

II. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is free watermark software preinstalled in Windows OS. It features basic editing functions that help you trim, crop video, add subtitle and watermark. Absolutely, this program is quite easy to use for its extremely intuitive interface. With this program, you can easily adjust watermark position, size and transparency. In addition, when you have finished editing, it can help you share your work to social media networks instantly like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Latest version: Windows Essentials 2012

Program size: 56.3 MB

Platform: Windows 7/8/10

Additional features: Video editing, video uploading

Windows Movie Maker

III. Video Watermark Pro

Video Watermark Pro is also nice watermark software to annotate video file and protect it from being unauthorized using and sharing. This program can recognize different video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV and MOV and annotate the video with text and image. When adding the watermark, you can also change its position, font style and watermark size. Plus, this tool allows users to adjust visual effects to make the video more unique, such as brightness, blur, mosaic, saturation and many more.

Latest version: 5.1

Program size: 26.6 MB

Platform: Windows 7/8/10

Additional features: Visual effect adjusting

Video Watermark Pro

IV. Watermark Master

This application is primarily designed for those people who need mark personal video or original works from illegible using and copying. Benefiting from the powerful functions in editing watermark, it becomes one of the most popular watermark programs. With this program, you can put text and picture and even animated image on the video. Moreover, this program comes with a broad set of filters that allows you to adjust image effects in saturation, contrast and shadow.

Latest version: 2.2.23

Program size: 19.26 MB

Platform: Windows 7/8/10

Additional features: Video effects adjusting

Watermark Master

V.Idoo Video Editor

Idoo Video Editor is a popular video editor which provides multiple editing options for the video, such as adding watermark, subtitle, rotating and trimming video clips. This watermark software features a simple and intuitive interface that enables users to operate the program without any hassles. It supports multiple kinds of watermark, such as text, shapes and even dynamic images. It’s also feasible to customize watermark by adjusting the transparency, size and position.

Latest version: 3.5.0

Program size: 102 MB

Platform: Windows 7/8/10

Additional features: Video editing, subtitling and video merging



All those watermark software work perfectly in adding watermark while keeping the original quality. And their editing options are also good to use that can satisfy basic needs in video editing. When taking an overall view on those applications, Video Converter Studio is the best one which perfectly integrates video editor, video downloader, screen recorder and MV maker.

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